Ballerina Ballet Party

Ballet Theme -6yr- Older Girls put on Show




Nicole in Tampa Florida USA


July 2004



on my daughters 6th birthday she decided that she wanted a ballet themed party.we ammdiatly began to make the invitations.they were a white sheet of construction paper and in pink gel pen we wrote the time date place ect.then we punched a hole at the top of the card and tied it with a pink ribbon.

The girls were asked to where there black leaotards and ballet slippers(or comfortable slippers) if they did not have a leotard I would give them my daughters.the house was lined up with palepink,white,and hot pink streamers with the same color ballons.palepink and white party streamers were scadderd across the tables including white confetti.

We took my older daughters carriable 'barre' and placed it in the living room(a broom handle would work just as well)the barre was wrapped in party streamers(a nice prop).the girls were then rushed to the snack table complete with veggies dip and finger foods.

After 30 minutes of socialization the show was to begin!! My daughter and her friend from ballet preformed a little piece of the Nutcracker in full costume and on 'pointe'(we used the back yard.make sure that they u use a hard wood floor for the girls on pointe to dance on).the little girls watched in amazmnet as the older girls leaped and twilred on the 'stage',some girls even tried to follow through the routine.after the show the birthday girl handed the 2 girls a silk rose.then they were headed to the craft area.

Were they would decorate there own tutu sewn out of pink tulle from the local craft store.we sprinkled glitter sequins and ribbon all over the tutus.as the girls waited for it to dry we started playing classical ballet music and my daughter and her friend tought them a simple routine combining the 5 positions.after a game of simon says(ballet style) the cake was brought out shaped like a slipper(I used one of her dance barbie dolls as the doll on top of the cake) and served with sparkling punch and strwberry ice cream.

15 minutes before the parents arrived the girls practiced there routine.when they came the parents sat down on folding chairs and watched the girls preform with guidence from the 2 girls.i video taped everything and my husband took pictures.the goodie bags included ballet keychains,stick on earings,lip gloss,a ballet pen.and slipper earasers.

A week after I made a card (reverse colors in the invitations) and added the picture of them dancing.the girls loved the party including the birthday girl.

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