Backwards Party

Backwards Party -12yr- Mirror Image Invite




Kaci in Portage WI  USA


February 2005



Well for my 12th birthday I had a backwards and upside down party. It was so much fun. 

For the invitations we wrote them ourselves (we wrote backwards. To do this you type it in on the computer, and when you print them off, you choose 'print mirror image' in the printer options. Oh, we also used Thank You cards to glue the invite info on.

We had all my friends come with their clothes on backwards. We hung a sign on the door that said "thanks for Coming!"  We printed up name tags for everyone (backwards)and made them call each other by their backwards names. Some of the girls were so into it that they even spoke backward sentences.     

For decorations we tied string to balloons and hung them from our ceiling. We also hung streamers down from the ceiling. It looked so cool. We also tipped our table upside down. Everyone sat at the table, on the floor to eat. It works with small tables.      

The first thing we did when everyone got there was to open the presents of course!!     

My mom baked a round cake, decorated it with frosting, and then in front of the guests we flipped it upside down to serve it. We fed each other the cake. We paired off, and one person (blindfolded) had to try to get the cake into the other's mouth. The person feeding the cake was standing behind the eater who was sitting down on a stool. We had the cake first then the food. We served fruit, chips, dn.L (upside down 7.up)      

My mom had everyone line up for a picture then told us to turn around! So in the picture you see the front of our clothes. We turned our heads so you could see our faces.       

We had some games planned too. We played the Reverse Musical Chairs. That is where everyone circles around one less chair than the number of people. Then when the music stops, every person sits down even if you have to sit on someone's lap. No one is ever eliminated just another chair is taken away every round. In the end everyone is sitting on one chair.      

We had printed off jokes backward, and gave one girl the punch line and the other the joke. They had to try and figure out what their sentence said, and then find the girl that had the other half of their joke. It was hard but fun!      All of my friends said they had fun. !!!!!TAERG SAW TI

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