Backwards Party

Silly Party -4yr- The Crazy House




Bridget in Augusta, Me USA


April 2002



For my son's 4th birthday we had a "silly" party. 

First, we had his pictures done with a party theme (balloons background) and pasted a wallet size picture onto 8 1/2 X 11 sheets of paper that we folded in half twice.  We put the picture upside down and wrote "you are invited" above the picture (upside down compared to the picture) and on the inside wrote "to Camden's silly birthday party" party info. Was, for example, PLACE : Camden's crazy house TIME: 1PM in the silly afternoon, etc. We asked each child to bring something silly to dress up in for a group "silly" picture. We taped a balloon inside on the left side and put the info. On the right.  You can buy invitation envelopes that the invitation will fit in perfectly.   

When the children arrived we gave them sticker name labels and let them think of their own silly name.  My son was "Turtle Fred".  We also gave any adults at the party name tags and let their kids make names for them.  

For activities we made silly putty (1T. Liquid starch and 2 T. glue) and I used plastic Easter eggs for them to put their putty in to bring it home.  They chose what color egg they wanted.  Then, all the kids put on their silly costumes and I bought Hawaiian leis and inexpensive plastic hats at a costume shop for extras for the kids to put on. 

We took a few group pictures (some adults dressed up too in some old funny wigs I had and other things).     I made cupcakes and put all of the toppings out, including frosting tubes with decorating tips, and let the kids decorate their own cupcakes.  I had frosted them in different colors. They had a lot of fun being creative.   

I put together gift bags that had the Hawaiian leis, bubbles, bags of candy (including gummi worms), and party horns. It was a lot of fun!!!

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