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Sewing Party -10yr- Knitting & Crocheting




Kathy in Alton, IL, USA


June 2003


Honorable Mention

My 10-year-old is absolutely fanatic about sewing! So for her birthday last month, we had a sewing party.

The INVITATIONS were printed off my computer. They're simple to make- just "cordially" invite them to a sewing party, and give them all the information. (Don't forget to print it in a fancy font!)

DECORATIONS. We tried to make our den look like something you might see in a fancy Englander's home. Since our furniture is nothing of the sort, we were able to buy cheap "slips covers" that we threw over the the couches and chairs. We sewed a homemade version for our pillows. We also borrowed some old wooden furniture from my in-laws.

FOOD. I bought some rolls and pastries at my grocery store and served them as treats. For drinks, I bought some tea and also some apple cider and purchased some glass imitation plastic cups at Wal-mart. (They looked like the real deal.)

CRAFTS. Since this was a sewing party, we obviously had to do some sewing! Because most of the girls were much less experienced than my daughter, we did simple things, such as: PURSE. I gave needle and thread to each girl, along with two squares of material. (Make sure that the squares are big enough...) Then they sewed them together.

KNITTING/CROCHETING. Of course, the girls could not make knitting and crocheting projects in a day. So instead, with the help of my daughter, we showed them the simple steps of how to knit and crochet. And since they were each only able to finish a tiny bit of stringing "something" together, my daughter pre-made five knitted purses. The girls loved them.

BEADING. Yes, this is getting a little away from sewing itself, but it's a great activity that most of the girls are familiar with. I bought a bead kit for ~7 dollars that supplied beads and instructions for making 2D and 3D bead animals. (I would suggest only using the 3Ds for teens- they were tough!)

QUILTING. We unfortunately couldn't make a real quilt in a 2 hour party, so but this idea was great fun. Buy two posterboards. Cut one into several squares and keep the other one whole. Now for the squares: divide them up amongst the girls and have them decorate them with markers, crayons, glitter, stickers, et cetera- anything you want! They can even write words or messages on them. Next, glue them onto the other posterboard, and voula! You have a "quilt"!      

My daughter and her friends all had a great time and we hope you will, too!

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