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Painting Party -4yr- Hot Paint (Like Hot Potato)




Julie in Chesterfield, MO, USA


May 2003


Honorable Mention

This party could be adapted to any age, but would probably apeal to the older todlers and young elementary age group. Our four year old (like all four year olds) was into painting.  So we had a painting party for her fourth birthday.   

INVITATIONS:They were easy-I just cut a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock in half (so I had 2 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 cards)  I folded those in half and trimed the corners to look like a painters palette.  Then I took a large circle punch (about 1 inch) and punched circles out of different colored construction paper (you could cut out blob shapes too for a more realistic looking palette)  then I typed on the computer the party info each line in a different color.  We included to have the kids come in "painting clothes".  My daughter helped me glue them together.  

ACTIVITIES: All the activities were outside.  It made clean up easier.  When the kids arrived they helped paint a huge banner for Michelle.  I had taped to a wall (a piece of butcher type paper that I had written Happy Birthday Michelle on.)  The kids could have their own cardboard palettes to mix colors on and of course there was buckets of water to wash brushes and hands. 

Then we played "hot paint".  A variation of hot potato.  I bought a pack of small paint bottles at walmart (everyting was washable) and while the music played the kids tossed the bottle around the circle and when it stoped that kid got to keep that bottle(it went in their favors can-see below) of paint and steped out of the circle. We had a treasure hunt with color clues and the treasure was hidden in the sand box-it was some sponges that the kids could make their own posters and finger paints. 

We also played "put the paint on the palette"  (a variation of pin the tail on the donkey) the kids got paint on their hands and were blindfolded and spun and made a blob in their color on the palette on the wall. (You might want to move the palette around or all the kids tend to end up in the same spot, or remove the blind fold and just let each one make a colorspot) Also I did some face/body painting with a little kit while the kids ran around. 

Another game that is less messy is a variation of duck, duck, goose! One kid calls each kid a different color and when he says the birthday kids favorite color the chase is on. And instead of a mush-pot they sit in the "paint pot"  

THE CAKE: Make two round cakes put pre made pudding in between them, and just cut off a wave in the bottom to get a palette shaped cake-just frost with white frosting and use the gel tubes for the "paints"(You could also use 9x13 cake cut into a palette shape and frosted with white frosting and used tubes of gel icing for the colors.)  Each kid got a "paint brush" of a licorice with fruit tape (fruit roll up in a strip)wraped around the end of the licorice with fringes cut to look like a paint brush.  This was served with the cake. 

FAVORS: I had some cans I cleaned and covered the outside each with a different color.  I tried to make them look like paint cans.  I'm sure with a drill you could drill a hole and thread some pipe cleaners or coathanger wire to make a handle if you wanted, ours were handle-less.  I put the paint candy (with the candy brush and candy powder "paint"), a bottle of paint, dollar store make up (face paint) for the girls.  I'm sure you could also put a pad of paper, and other art material type favors.

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