Ariel Little Mermaid Party

Little Mermaid Ariel - Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes




Selena in Amarillo, TX  USA


May 2004


Honorable Mention

The little mermaid ariel party. my little girl wanted an ariel party for her second birthday which is in march. we knew it would be indoors so this is what we did.

It took two weeks to finish all the decorating...which started with about 10 rolls of blue and white streamers. i draped them all  around my living room from the center fan out to each window, door frame and on the walls in between. i tried to cover the whole ceiling. we also draped streamers down windows and doorways...like waterfalls, accross our entry way and in our dining room on our large window. we made tons of different fish cut out from craft foam and stapled them onto light blue tablecloths that we draped on each wall, fireplace and over all the furniture. i hung cardboard fish from the center fan on ceiling hooks, and also int he dining room from the light fixtures. we made our fireplace mantle into a ariel shrine...anything we could find like dolls, books, figurines, movie cases, balls and balloons.

After moving the furniture to the sides and covering it with the fish tablecloths, i coverd our entire floor with blue and white balloons....like the ocean. in our entry way we hung an oversized ariel towel over one door, wrote our little mermaid by a pic on the mirror and covered the inside of the front door with metalic blue and silver streames...going down.

In the dining room we placed a little mermaid feather boa around a light fixture and had a large table pushed against the wall for cake and presents. on it was a tablecloth, some goodies...swedish fish, colored goldfish crackers, tropical gum drops and m&ms, a big set of little meremaid figurines, ariel balloons on each side and ariel plates, napkins, cups and silverware...most from ebay. i also sprinkled fish glitter all over the table.

We made two cakes for my little girl. one was just for her...a small pink round with one upside-down sugar cone on top and decorated with pink flowers and an ariel figure. the large cake was one round large pan with blue frosting and reg cones and sugar cones on top to make it look like a castle.  all was decorated with blue and white flowers. on the foil coverd cardboard it was on was a thin layer of blue frosting...the water..with little mermaid figures and glitter fish all over it. i also put sea shells all the way around the outside of the cardboard and cake.

The kids ate cupcakes which i baked in ice cream cones and had some ariel domes so i took the lids off and placed her on the top...then frosted it with blue icing.

We played a few games like try to hit the ballon and bounce off one of the fish...and also we threw plastic fish into some hoola hoops and won ariel candy prizes. i had the soundtrack music in the background the whole time.

Our party favors were ariel cubes, ariel domes, a whistle like prince eric and personalized ariel candy wrappers for hershey bars. i also had an ariel bubble blower outside and we wrote and drew fish all over the cement with sidewalk chalk. the last thing for the party was using window markers for all the from windows and i drew ocean scenes on them for all to see. it was a blast!

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