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Little Mermaid Party -3yr- Beach Pail Favors




Sam in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


March 2009


Honorable Mention

Since our trip to Disneyland, my daughter has been obessed with Ariel. So she naturally wanted her thrid birthday to be a Little Mermaid party.

For the INVITATIONS I just bought the Little Mermaid pre-packed invites at Party City. Inside them I wrote Little Mermaid Elle is having an under the sea adventure in Atlantica and would like you to join her" I also included the time date and place of the party. We were having the party at home and wanted the theme to be "Under the Sea".

For DECORATIONS I cleared out our dinning room because it had a seperate entrace and transformed it into the sea. I placed streammers that ran from the celing to the floor colored blue and teal to cover the entrance to the dinning room. On the celing itself I place curly ribbion about 200 pieces that were 2 feet in length and taped them seperatetly on the celing to refelect the water. On the walls I had bought removable Little Mermaid stickers from the dollar store and also two big Areil cut outs which I placed on the other side of the room with the picture of my daughter and Ariel that we took when we were in Disneyland. I also bought two blue round plastic table covers and taped them on the floor to make it feel like you were in the sea.

On the front entrance of the dinning room there was an Areil Banner that said "Happy Birthday" which I got from party City.I also got a big Areil ballon from the dollar store and three latex ballons with "3" on them and placed them were the cake and the presents were. The plates napkins and cups were also Ariel which I purchased at Party City. The guests that were coming ranged from adults to children that were different ages so I had to make sure that the activites were fun for everyone.

For ACTIVITIES when the guests first arrived I had them decorate a birthday crown with different foam shapes which I got from the dollar store and also a blue birthday sac with fish sticker which thay would use to put the things that they got from the pinata. I had four games for the children first one was pin the clip on Ariel's head which I got from Party City.

Second was I had toy keys about 20 of them of four different colors which I hid around the sea room. They paired up to find four of the same color and they handed in the keys that they found and they got a prize.

The third game I had colored pasta shells and mixed them in with regular shells and the kids got to pick three to five shells depending on how old they were with their eyes closed and if they got one that was colored they got a prize. I had a treasure chest which I had gotten from Ikea before and filled it with various items like bubbles Ariel items candy frisbees dolphin puzzles and sunglasses. This is where I kept the prizes so if the won they got to go look into the treasure chest and pick out something that they liked.

Final activity was the Areil pinata which again I got at Party City. It was a pull pinata which is good since we had little ones around. For the adults I had one game prepared the night before I had made three bowls of blue jello and embeded large pasta shells about 50 of them and then let the jello set. The next day I covered it with whip cream and the adults had to be in three groups of two and the object was they each had thirty seconds two scoop out as many shells using their mouths. After the thirty seconds they switched. Surprisingly the adults loved it and enjoyed themsleves I even gave a bottle of wine to the winning team.

For the FOOD we kept the theme and made various things with shell pastas I also made blue kool-aid with toy fish on the bottom. I also made little cups of blue jello with fish candy inside and topped it with whip cream. I had goldfish crackers for the kids to snack on and hotdogs that I turned into octopuses by cutting half it into four legs.

The CAKE was shaped as Ariel which I bought the cake pan at Michaels and I placed it on top of another rectangular cake which I decorated with white icing the put blue sprinkles around it. It looked like Ariel was on top of the ocean.

When the kids left I gave them FAVORS which were sand pails that I found at Michaels. For the boys it had candy wodden fish that you color and skipping rope and bubbles. For the girls I had Ariel items candies and a wooden mermaid that you could color.

Everyone that attend was amazed at how the dinning room looked so much like an ocean and they all really enjoyed themselves. My daughter had so much fun that she wanted to keep the decorations up till her next birthday party. "

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