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Hawaii Mermaid -5yr- Musical Chairs




Kim in Marietta, GA


Feb 2003


Special Mention

My daughter who turned 5 in January wanted a Hawaii/Mermaid party.  Her 2 brothers and sister are all summer babies and she was a bit envious of the fact they always had good weather with pool parties.  Well, we decided to do the best we could for her.

INVITATIONS: I found an ocean scene with palm trees bright flowers, etc. on 4x6 cards and printed the invitations on my computer.  They read: ALOHA!  Join us as we crank up the heat and dance the hula jive to celebrate Meremaid Lily turning FIVE!! Sail over to the Island of Maui-(our last name), then address, date, time and RSVP.

We all dressed for the occasion.  I in my bathing suit top and hula skirt, Dad in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, siblings in hula skirts and jam shorts and wild shirts for the brothers.  Many of the guests dressed up as well! As the guests arrived the birthday girl gave them all multicolored leis and bracelets purchased from Oriental trading. The guests also all got mermaid/Hawaiian glitter tattoos put on when they first arrived as well.

DECORATIONS: At the foot of the stairs when entering our basement I had the metalic blue curtain hanging to look like you were walking through water. In our basement I covered the floor with "carribean blue" plastic table cloth cover I found at Garden Ridge on a huge roll for $10. This part was our "ocean". I hung lt. blue, dk blue and purple streamers and curly ribbon from the ceiling with a few tissue and paper fish and seahorses spread through out the hall. This was our craft area as I played an instrumental CD that was all ocean sounds. 

I had 4 tables set up . . . At one table the guests made mermaid, jeweled teirras.  The 2 boys made jeweled king crowns. Another table we did sand art in miniture plastic castles bought from Oriental Trading. The third table we made fish life necklaces or bracelets.  And at the fourth table we made jellyfish.  I had pre-cut paper plates in half.  The guests glued jewels, glitter glue,and foam shapes onto the plates and then glued streamers and curly ribbon on as the tennicles. After "crafting" for 45 minutes or so we moved to our larger party room.

GAMES: Decorations in here included a hibiscus flower curtain to walk through from our "Ocean" to our "Island", metalic palm trees in 3 corners, shiny fish hanging everywhere, grass table skirts and balloons.  This was our "Island". There we all got in a circle and did the "hula pokey" to the hokey pokey.  We then did the freeze dance.  That was LOVED by all. 

Our last game was a pass the treasure box game.  I bought a styrofoam cooler at the grocery store and spray painted it with 24 karat gold paint found at craft stores.  My kids then glued jewels, sequins, stickers, and beads all over it to look like a treasure chest.  It was adorable.  In it I placed a little larger prizes like, 3 pk body glitter, 3pk lip gloss, a packet of hair clips, large cans of play dough, lego boxes for the boys, glow in the dark bouncey balls.  All these were purchased at the Dollar Store. 

I played music like musical chairs and when the music stopped, whoever was holding the chest got to pick a prize.  This was a HUGE hit.  After that we had the snacks consisting of punch with pineapple slices on the cups with little umbrellas or Hawiian punch, which ever they wanted, cheetos (coral reef) pigs in blankets, trail mix, pineapple, strawberries, canteloupe, jello shaped like oyster shells (from a muffin shell pan) (all the food were favorites of the birthday girl)and a Hawaiian veggie cool pizza (the adults who hung around really enjoyed) and a beautiful mermaid cake followed by gifts.

All the paper products were Jewel the Mermaid from Birthday Express. It was a great day even though it was 40 degrees outside! I solicited 2 girls that are frequent babysitters for me to help out with crafts and what ever else may need doing. They were wonderful! Each child left with a shopping bag full of their 4 crafts they made, their Mermaid goodie box which I purchased from Birthday Express (but added a ring pop and glitter hula tatoos)and their leis and lei bracelets the received when they arrived. The entire party lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes.  PERFECT!!!

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