Alice In Wonderland

Wonderland 2yr - Paper Mache Mushroom




kelly in west hills, ca usa


November 2008


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 2nd birthday, we decided on an Alice and Wonderland theme.  

Invitations: I sent out invites with alice and the other charcters on it and it read, Follow the path to wonderland for a very merry second birthday.  You are invited to a most peculiar garden tea party in honor of".  

Decorations: When guests arrived I had a a "red carpet" made from a long construction paper roll and I glued white bunny footprints made from white felt "hopping up the walkway."  At the door entrance I had a sign with a large cut out cheshire cat and arrows that read "This Way That Way and The Other Way" it was covered in glitter and swirling glitter pen designs.  I hung a thick red ribbon banner and had jumbo sized cards strung on them these were hung outside in the backyard instead of streamers.  I also hung a colorful variety of paper lanterns in our tree above the kids tea party table.  The kids chairs were mismatched and I tied little silk flower bouquets on the backs of each chair. 

On the table I had tiny mini cards like confetti a childs tea set and tiers of strawberries Katie's fave.  On the adults table I had a giant paper mache mushroom with a red top and white felt spots.  The underside was covered in glitter stripes and the base had moss glued to the bottom.  I also made five giant paper mache flowers in different colors and hung them in our living room.  We had an old standing fan that I covered with felt and paper mache and made into a giant standing flower with a smiling face and silk leaves for hands it was charming!

Games:  We played musical chairs to the un-birthday song and we played pin the tail on the cheshire cat.  The cheshire cat sitting in the tree was painted by my husband on a large canvas and my mom knit striped tails for each child to stick with tape.  To cover the children's eyes we pulled the mad hatter hat down over their heads.  For the adults I had an Alice in Wonderland quiz with ten questions just for sparking their memory.  I covered the pens with ribbon and a large flower on top.

Costumes: Of course we had Alice my son was the mad hatter.  I bought bunny ears for someone to be the white rabbit and those red and blue hats with the propeller on top for tweedle dee and tweedle dumb.   Activities:  We had a kids croquet game set up outside a bubble machine and a pink lemonade fountain.  We played "The mad hatter says"  instead of simon says.

Party Snacks: We had small roll sandwiches with little flag picks that I stamped "eat me try one etc. "  I made cookies with "eat me take one and try me" written on them in white chocolate and decorated with sugar flowers from the cake store.  Of course Iced tea hot tea and coffee among other beverages.  I put the eat me cookies on little compotes & tiers throughout the house. We had tiers of strawberries and a vegetable platter.

Cake: I ordered three small cakes that would only feed about three people each and had them decorated with vines and flowers and three diff. colors. Favors: I made mason jars filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows and printed labels that read "Drink Me" and had vintage Alice pictures on them...the top read "a very merry unbirthday to you from Katie" with the cheshire cat face. The prizes were cute hand held mirrors...(like the looking glass)."

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