Alice In Wonderland

Wonderland Teay 5yr - Tea Attire & Table




Stephanie in Iota, Louisiana USA


April 2008



For my daughters 5th birtday I wanted to combine the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland with a tea party!

For invitations I went to E-bay, entered tea party" and found the perfect ones for a decent price! We made sure the invites stated "tea attire please" and even the boys were dressed like little men:)

We really went all out on decorations so I hunted every antique store around (and miraculously NO tea cups were broken at the party!) I had tea cups with flower patterns butterfly handles some were small some were bigger but they looked great together! (After the party I put all of tea cups- 20 total- on shelves in her room!)

We set up a long white tent (borrowed) and long tables (also borrowed) that had adjustable legs so we made them short. We placed small wooden chairs of different colors (borrowed from a teacher-friend of mine) at each place-setting. Tied to the back of each chair was a large tulle bow with flowers (each chair was different). My daughter sat in at chair that I spray painted pink and glued sparkles butterflies and of course her name in wooden letters! Each place setting had a pink plate then the tea saucer/cup. Also cookies that my mom and I made (shaped like tea cups or tea pots and on them we wrote in icing "Eat me")were placed on their napkins. I had different pieces of china from my house tea pots everywhere and of course the dor mouse coming out of a tea pot!

We hung huge nylon butterflies with tulle from the inside of the tent and suspended my daughters vintage chadlelier from the middle of tent too! We bought large flowers from Michaels and Wal Mart and had a "giant flower garden"! My daughter wore a real Alice costume and my sister dressed like the Queen of Heartsand painted beautiful butterflies on the girls faces! She had my old makeup vanity set up with her face painting equipment and we had artifical trees with red/white roses around her! I also made signs that said everthing to do at the party like: "this way to make a mad hat" "that way to Tulgey Woods"!

We had a castle fun jump and I ordered "Mad Hats" (accordian style paper hats in different colors!)from OT for the kids to decorate but the bunny was the children's favorite!! I had to ask around but I "borrowed" the bunny and his owner for the party! LOL! The cake was amazing (my mom makes cakes luckily!)! It was a 3-tier topsy turvy fondant cake with stripes flowers and polka dots everywhere! I tried to stick with a "rainbow colored food" theme so the children's table had giant lollipops in arrangements (some with eyeballs glued on them) which the kids took home bowls of rainbow goldfish (a hit!) gummy bears gum balls rainbow colored skittles (basically a dentists nightmare!) etc. And for favors the children took a lot of the stuff we used to decorate: mini pin wheels to blow bubbles that I glued jewels on top of fruit roll ups a pencil and notebook and lollipops! I was so much fun! The pictures were amazing!"

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