Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland - Pumkin Bread Mushrooms




Olga in Vancouver, WA  USA


October 2001


Special Mention

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party. Kids could come dressed as a character from the movie.  My daughter was the cutest little Alice.  Her best friend came as the rabbit.  Others came in very nice dresses and even a few suits with ties.  The invitation was in the shape of a tea pot.  I used Alice in Wonderland Stamps to decorate the inside.  

Decorations on the front area of the house:  Signs in the shape of arrows with words on them, like "THIS WAY",  "WRONG WAY", "THIS WAY TO THE PARTY", "RABBIT WENT THIS WAY".   

As the children entered the house, they had a craft to do;  Boys decorated white plastic top hats (purchased them around 4th of July at the local party store) with stickers while the girls decorated Paper plate bonnets with stickers and crayons.   Instructions for the bonnets:  12 inch heavy duty paper plates (white), paper plate soup bowls.  Lay the plate upside down then place the soup bowl in the center of the plate (this is also upside down). Hot glue gun the plates to each other. With an exacto knife, an adult, cuts the center of the paper plate out.  I purchased thick colorful ribbons which I glued to the sides of the "hat" then, the girls could tie a beautiful large bow under their chins.  I also glued the ribbon around the rim of the inverted soup bowl.   

Next, I read the Disney Golden Book of Alice in Wonderland to the children.  Afterwards, we talked about how we should act at a tea party.  We watched for a few minutes the Mad Tea Party Scene from Disney's Alice in Wonderland movie.  

Now we are ready for the TEA PARTY!!!  I borrowed from my daughter's pre-school two long "small" tables and 16 little chairs.  Just the right size for the children.  I made a place setting for each child.  Plate, plastic tea cup, napkin, small baby food jars with a note tied to it "Drink Me" with Kool-Aid in it,.  For sandwiches, they had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without the crusts, fruit, scones, jam, and of course raspberry "slightly warm" flavored tea.  The tea was a hit.

I also had a special treat on the table, out of homemade pumpkin bread, but I used a mushroom shaped cookie cutter to make edible mushroom treats.  The kids loved pretending on becoming tiny and large.  They used the pumpkin bread mushrooms and the "Drink Me" Kool-Aid interchangeably.   

Games:  I drew a large Cheshire Cat on poster board.  The kids then played "pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat".  Game of "painting the roses red" -  I velcroed a dozen white felt roses onto a poster board which I had painted a green rose bush.  (I made two of these-for the use of two teams)  The kids took turns in a relay race to replace the white felt roses with red ones.  This was fun! 

Next, I used an old-fashioned glass milk bottle and had the kids try to drop old-fashion styled wooden clothes pins from about their waist.  My Dad was in charge of this game, the kids loved it because he gave pointers to each kid and they each got at least one clothes pin in the bottle. 

Next, I made the Tea Pot Cake (that can be found on the internet).  We then opened presents.  Finally activity, was a beautiful butterfly pinata.  I used individual zip-lock bags for the kids and had their names on the bags.  This really prevented a lot of tears.

As the children left the party, they would each stick their hand through my daughter's Fisher-Price doll house and receive their goody bag.    The kids had a great time, and so did the parents that stayed.

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