Alice In Wonderland

Mad Hatter Tea 5yr - Drink Me Cups




Stephanie in Creedmoor, NC USA


September 2005



Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Tea Party  For my daughter's 5th birthday party, we had an Alice in Wonderland party, complete with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

For invitations, I bought pink metallic blank cards from a craft store, along with curlie-cue vellum paper. On the vellum, I printed a little made-up poem with the party particulars and also added some clip art of Alice and the Mad Hatter. I asked the guests to come dressed in their "silly-best". Most girls came in princess outfits, but a couple kids came all mismatched, plaids with polka dots, stripes and checks. To finish off the cards, I added a chiffon ribbon bow. 

For food, we had fruit salad, scones, cream puffs, chicken salad, teapot shaped cookies that said "Eat Me", and a three-tiered birthday cake decorated with fondant flowers, leaves, and a tea cup topper that had roses coming out of the top. It was decorated in all different colors, and I had the layers stacked lopsided. The kids loved looking at it! I had this and all the food on a table decorated with an Alice in Wonderland tea set.

For each child, I had a plastic teacup to which I tied a tag that read "Drink Me". They could pick either juice or iced tea for their drinks. Several moms helped me with pouring out the tea!  Outside, I had set up a croquet game. The wickets were made out of oversized playing cards taped to garden staples. I set them up in a crazy pattern and let the kids go through the course with my own croquet set. The kids loved this one!

Also, I had paper lanterns strung across the tea party area (aka my deck!) with several kid sized tables and chairs. We had everyone come inside to decorate paper top hats (in different colors from Oriental Trading) with stickers. Then, we watched the tea party scene from the movie while I got the cake and candles ready.

We served our tea party outside on the tables, and when everyone was done, we broke open a pinata. I had made an Alice costume for my daughter, and she looked so cute running around her party!  

The kids went home with their pinata toys, foam gift bags that had craft kits, candy, and stickers in them, and big smiles. All the girls loved wearing their costumes, and even the boys enjoyed themselves with their Mad Hatter hats!

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