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Zoo Party

Suzy Zoo -2yr- It Quacks Us Up




Erin  in Eden Prairie, MN  USA


March 2002


Honorable Mention

I did a Suzy Zoo birthday party for my two year old daughter. It was a boy/girl party so "Jack Quackers" from Suzy Zoo was incorporated also. I purchased blank Suzy Zoo note cards and printed the invitation inside.    "It quacks us up.  She's turning Two. Come to our home  for a big To Do!  On Tuesday Morn, Mark the Date. Come in your Jammies and don't be late.  We will have breakfast ready for you Clarissa, friends and Suzy Zoo!"  I Scanned Suzy Zoo notecards and printed personalized place cards, place mats and stickers for her guests.  The invitation had Suzy Zoo with butterflies so I tied in the butterflies in the décor as well.

SuzyZoo only makes partyware for showers and 1st birthdays so I had to get creative.  The table cloth was decorated with butterflies, flowers and bees in colors of White, red, pink, yellow and black.  I was able to find Mylar balloons with butterflies that resembled the same artistry as Suzy Zoo.  The other balloons were of solid colors.  One tied to each chair.  Birthday plates were also matching butterfly design.  In the center of the table was a large white basket lined with fabric (red with white polka dots like SuzyZoo's dress).  This contained all the party favor bags for her guests. 

Keeping the "ducky theme", party favors were sample packets of "Tub tints", squirty soap paint, Suzy Zoo stickers and miniature "quacker" beanie baby ornaments that were on sale after Christmas.  I thought of doing rubber duckies but most of her guests were too old for that or already had one.  The favors were put into clear cellophane bags and tied with Suzy Zoo ribbon. I was able to make my own personalized button pins with the scanned Suzy Zoo pictures. The buttons were attached to the knot of the ribbon. Girls had Suzy Zoo and Boys had Jack Quackers. 

When the kids arrived, they all sat down at the kitchen table.  I pre-made pancakes the night before and made scrambled eggs five minutes before they came.  I found Suzy Zoo bulletin-board borders at a local education store.  I used this to make each child a birthday "crown" as they arrived.  There were coloring pages and crayons on the table that kept them busy until breakfast was served. 

Menu:  apple juice, cantaloupe, scrambled eggs and pancakes.    Afterwards, we played duck, duck, goose and "ducky bingo". I made Ducky bingo on the computer.  It is a card shaped like a duck with four different Suzy Zoo characters on it (stickers).  Each child was assigned a color and given a brown paper bag.  There were eight different colored squares in each bag.  When a child pulled out a square (ex. Orange, then the child that was assigned the "orange" color was able to put a treat on one of his/her characters.  It's an everybody wins game and in the end they all ate their treats.  I found a similar idea from a teaching website and changed it to work with this theme. 

Then, we opened gifts and ate cake.  The cake had frosted butterflies and flowers on it to match the decorations.  Afterwards, the kids received their party favor bags and were thrilled to have the whole day ahead of them.  Parents said it was easy to just get the kids out of bed and come right over.  I liked it because I was able to get everything ready the night before when the kids were sleeping. My daughter loved waking up to A PARTY right away on her birthday.

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