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Wizard of Oz Party

Wizard of Oz Party -5yr- The Rainbow Pinata




Penny in San Diego, CA


Sept 2002



My daughter Haley wanted a Wizard Of Oz party for her 5th birthday. She had been Dorothy for Halloween. A lot of the ideas came from your site. It was a big help. 

The invitation's were print on rainbow paper that I purchased at Wal-Mart.  They said "Attention Munchkins!  Come over the Rainbow with Haley as she celebrates her 5th birthday.  Follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City and help Haley melt the witch to get her broom so she can go home.  Then I gave date, place(Land of Oz), RSVP (to the Wizard, me of course).  Then I also asked each child to come dressed as a character from the movie or a color of the rainbow.  I wrote in the color they were to wear (Blue, purple, red, etc.) 

At the bottom of the invitations I printed "We're off to Haley's birthday party.  The most wonderful party of all!" I mailed each invitation in Rainbow colored envelopes that I had also purchased from Wal-Mart.  Once the children arrived they decorated Glenda crowns or King of the Forest crowns with gems, stickers, and glitter.  We then had a BBQ and fed the hunger munchkins.  Then we were to start down the yellow brick road. 

First each child got a Goodie bag to put their treasures in.  I had made these out of brown paper sack.  I cut them to have handles which a staples at the top.  Each basket had a blue and white gingham paper napkin in it (also purchased at Wal-Mart). The yellow brick road was a gold plastic tablecloth with bricks drawn on it.  I purchased a roll of plastic tablecloth at Party City.  The first thing the children saw was a  house (box painted grey with black roof)at one end .  The house was laying on the Wicked Witch of the easts legs.  I made these by stuffing an old pair of Haley's tights with rags and putting black electrical tape around them to look like stripes.  Haley's ruby red slippers were on the witch.  I had a friends daughter be Glenda.  She took the shoes off the witch and put them on Haley (who was dressed in her Dorothy costume).  They were off to see the Wizard. 

Next to the house I put flowers  to represent munckinland and had two little munchkin dolls standing by a basket full of suckers.  Each child got a sucker from munkinland.  Next they had to blow a bubble using bubble mixture and a wand.  The prize for blowing a Glenda bubble was a small container of bubbles (again purchased at Wal-Mart).  Then as they traveled down the yellow brick road they got to throw a hula hoop around a scarecrow. The prize was a coloring picture of the scarecrow (downloaded from the internet) rolled up and tied with a ribbon to represent a diploma.  Next they played pass the TinMan heart game.  If you had the heart when the music stopped you got to open it and get a heart sticker to wear. 

Next they had to race to a tree holding a lion mask up to their face and roar while they ran.  The masks were made from paper plates purchased again at Wal-Mart.  All I had to do was cut out the eyes so the kids could see.  Their prize was a chocolate coin attached to a ribbon to look like a medal. Then they arrive at the Emerald City. I had taken an old refrigerator box and cut it with a door to look like the Emerald City.  I painted it with glitter green paint purchased at lakeshore Learning.  Dorothy and friends knocked on the door and the Wizard answered saying with a microphone "you must melt the witch and bring me her broom". 

So has you can guess the next activity was melting the witch. I had a witch complete with green face that you hang from your trees at Halloween.  I put her over a bottle of water to hold her up and let each child throw two water balloons at the witch to melt her.  She didn't really melt but she sure got wet.  The kids loved this!  Her broom was sitting next to her so Dorothy and friends took it to the Wizard who let them in to Oz. Glenda told Dorothy to click her heels together and repeat "There's No Place Like Home".  Then they got to break the Rainbow piñata. Cake was served and of course it was a rainbow cake!  I made a round cake.  Iced the top half with blue icing and the bottom half with green icing. 

Next I took 6 colors of M & M's and made a rainbow on the blue half.  Red on the outside then orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  Then I took yellow icing and made a yellow brick road on the green half using orange icing to make bricks.  I had a little Dorothy cake topper standing by the yellow brick road. I then put blue sprinkles on the sky still showing, green sprinkles on the grass, and yellow sprinkles on the road to make them shine and look magical.  The cake was a huge hit with all the kids wanting the M&M part.  We had 20 children there and it was great fun. 

For the adults I had a Wizard of Oz trivia game (Most questions were taken from Oz trivia web sites).  Some questions were:  Which witch died from the house falling on it?(Witch of the East) What was Ms. Gulch's first name? (Elmirah)  What were the colors of Dorothy's slippers in the book not the movie? (Silver) How did the horse of many colors really get colored? (Jell-O crystals)This was really fun to put together and the parents really  enjoyed it. Thanks to your site for a lot of great ideas.  It was a great party to plan and my daughter and her friends had a lot of fun.

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