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Wizard of Oz Party

Wizard of Oz Party -7yr- The Lollipop Game




Heidi in Kaysville, UT, USA


May 2002



WIZARD OF OZ THEME 7-YEAR-OLD BIRTHDAY PARTY  My little girl loves The Wizard of Oz.  When she asked for a Wizard of Oz theme for her birthday party I wasn’t quite sure what I would do.  I spent time on this website looking at the ideas and then the creativity started to flow.  Some of the party ideas were from this website while others were new ideas that we came up with. 

Invitations: I purchased Wizard of Oz Invitations from a local party store.  I have also seen the full set in the Birthday Party Express catalog.  We sent invitations out two weeks in advance to 14 little girls.  In the invitation we requested that they come dressed as their favorite Wizard of Oz character or as a Munchkin. 

Exterior Decorations: I purchased a life size stand-up of Glinda, the good witch, to stand on my porch by the front door.  I took a roll of yellow butcher paper and drew lines across it to make it appear like bricks and taped it (with yellow tape) to my front porch and down my stairs so that the girls could follow the yellow brick road to our party.  I took a pair of black tights that my little girl had grown out and stuffed them with tissue paper.  I then took green construction paper, cut it into strips, and glued it to the tights to make them look like striped witches legs.  I attached an old pair of red pumps to the tights and set them up under my garage door.  It gave the appearance that my house had fallen on the witch and was a fun decoration for the girls to see as they came up the walk. 

Interior Decorations: I purchased a couple of vinyl Wizard of Oz table cloths from a local party store.  I also got pearly pink balloons (like Glinda’s bubble) and taped them to each of the chairs around the table.   I found a large, colorful butterfly Mylar balloon to tape to the Birthday Girl’s chair.  I also had the Wizard of Oz plates and napkins that matched the table cloths setup on my bar next to the food.  For music we had purchased the Wizard of Oz Soundtrack to play in the background. 

Food: A local bakery found a Wizard of Oz decorating set which we used on the cake.  It had Dorothy standing by a fence.  We decorated the rest of the cake with grass, sky, clouds, and a rainbow.  We served cake, ice cream, and punch.  

Games and Fun:  As each of the guests arrived, we took individual pictures of them and the Birthday Girl standing in front of the life-size Glinda.  The girls had a lot of fun dressing up!  We had 5 Dorothy’s (one of which was my daughter), a Toto, a scarecrow, 2 Glinda’s, a wicked witch, a tin man, a lion, and a Munchkin.  They were adorable!  We had the Wizard of Oz movie playing on our television for the girls to watch as they waited for everyone to arrive.  The first thing we did was build Emerald Cities.  My husband and I had made a batch of green salt dough for each child.  We gave them the green salt dough and a paper plate in which they were to mold their Emerald City. 

Then I gave them a bowl full of green jewels and beads which I purchased at a craft store for them to decorate their Emerald Cities.  I made signs out of a Popsicle stick and green construction paper which read: Emerald City designed by (child’s name) so that we could tell whose was whose.  They loved playing with the dough and you can’t go wrong with little girls and sparkling jewels!  While they were finishing up their Emerald Cities, I started them on the next game.  I had purchased some cocktail toothpicks with the yellow plastic fringe on them.  I cut them in half and froze them in an ice cube.  I gave them an ice cube in a zip lock bag and explained that in this game they were to melt the witch and get her broomstick.  The first one to melt the witch and get her broomstick would win.  They absolutely loved this game! 

When the first broomstick was presented, I played the song Ding Dong the Witch is Dead from the CD to let everyone know that we had a winner!  I had gone to a local dollar store and purchased sparkly hair clips, bracelets, and bathtub paints for prizes.  Each were wrapped and the winner of the game was allowed to choose a prize from a bag. 

For the next event we combined two games in order to make it go quicker and to keep their attention.  I had dressed my little boy as the Tin Man.  I had purchased a funnel at a local store and cut a box out for his body.  I covered both of these items with tin foil and then wrapped his arms and legs.  I took red construction paper and cut out hearts with each girl’s name on it so that they could play pin the heart on tin man. 

This one was kind of fun because they were only allowed to use one hand (so that they couldn’t feel around too much) and, this Tin Man moved!  The closest one to the correct spot got to choose a prize from the bag.   As each girl took her turn pinning the heart on Tin Man, my little boy would dance; just to make it more interesting!  While each girl was waiting for their turn to pin the heart on Tin Man, they were also taking a guess as to how many Skittles I had placed in a jar.  The winner of this game received the jar of Skittles as their prize. 

Next we had the girls sit in a large circle.  I had purchased a large lollipop from a local candy store and dressed it up with bows.  They played a rendition of hot potato with the lollipop to the music The Lollipop Guild which was on the soundtrack.  Prior to beginning the lollipop game, I had given each girl a piece of Bubble Yum bubble gum. 

The last game we played was Who could Blow the Largest Glinda’s Bubble with their bubble gum.  They loved this!  It was a hard one to judge but was definitely a hit!  After all of the games, we opened presents and then served the ice cream and cake. 

Goodie Bags:  I purchased some red doll shoes from a local craft store, painted them with glitter paint and sprinkled them with glitter.  My husband had drilled holes in the back such that I could thread gold satin through them to make necklaces for the goodie bags.  I bought little bags of frosted animal cookies and re-labeled them as Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!  We also included a glitter star wand, a Glinda blowout, and stick on earrings.  I put all of the party favors in a clear goodie bag and tied it with blue and white gingham ribbon. 

Thank you:  The Wizard of Oz party set included an option for Thank you Cards.  They were blank on the inside.  I had my little girl write each of the guests thanking them for attending her party and for the particular gift that they have given her.  We enclosed the individual pictures that we had taken at the beginning of the party of each guest with their Thank you card.  This party was definitely a hit!

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