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Winter Party

Winter Party -1yr- Stuffed Stocking Gift Bags




Cheri in Middletown,New York; united states


March 2004


Honorable Mention

My daughter turned one in December so we decided to throw her a 'WINTER WONDERLAND PARTY".

INVITATIONS: I bought some red foam paper and cut it in half. I typed out a poem describing her birthday party instructions and cut the edges with decorative scissors and glued it to the inside of the cut foam and formed a card. Each invitation was personalized with each kids name in it.

On the front of the card I bought some Christmas wreaths made out of wood and painted them red with a green bow. The round circle part of the wreath I glued a picture of my daughter with a big grin. I glued the entire wreath to the front of the card. Also on the wreath I painted her name on it. Inside holding the paper with the info I bought different craft foam shapes and glued it to the inside. For instance one was a pair of mittens so it looked like it was holding the paper. I fastened the invitation with Velcro. When the kids got the invitation they were fascinated! And so were the parents! On the back of the invitation I put a foam shape snowman.

DECORATIONS: The entire house looked like a winter wonderland. Of course we had our Christmas tree up but along with that, I had ornaments hanging from the ceiling all over the house. The doors downstairs were all wrapped with wrapping paper. Candy canes were on the walls also. The main party area had decorative Christmas stockings hanging on the walls personalized with each kids name written in glitter.

The guest bathroom was decorated with a vase filled with a mini Christmas tree and snow and lights. The walls had garland in the shape of a Christmas tree. Candy canes were on that wall as well. The outside of the house was draped with lights and on the lawn I  had Christmas trees with lights and candy canes lined up on the pathway to the door, on the porch I decorated a mini Christmas tree with ornaments and fake snow with presents under the tree, it was beautiful.

FOOD: we had baked ziti, French fries, fried chicken, toss salad, chips and dip, hot chocolate with whip cream. The cake I made was a gingerbread house and a snowman made out of round cake pans. I used wood skewers for the hands.

GAMES: I had my friend draw me a big snowman to play "pin the nose on frosty" I also set up play zones for the kids upstairs since they were very little and their attention span would be short).I also scheduled a movie time with popcorn.

PARTYBAGS: they were the stockings with all the kids names on them stuffed with chocolate snowman lollipops that I made, Christmas cookies, cars and dinosaurs for boys, jewelry for girls, juice, pudding, yogurt, Christmas stickers and candy canes. I also made wooden ornaments of different shapes that dealt with winter and painted them saying \*\*\*'s first birthday so they could hang it on their tree at home.

After all that preparing only three kids showed up out of twenty-three because we had a bigggggg snow storm! I guess I got what I wished for "a winter wonderland" Although it was few kids we still had a very nice time!

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