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Winter Party

Winter Wonderland -4yr- Snowtastic Party!




Tamara in Casselberry, FL, United States


November 2008


Honorable Mention

After reading about many ideas including some on this site I decided to do a Winter Wonderland Party that was also a costume party. My daughter was turning 4 years old & we live in Florida so I loved the idea of a snow party. Her birthday is also right after Halloween so I knew if I gave parents enough notice they had time to buy costumes. Since it was the beginning of November I was able to find lots of X-mas items too.

For invitations I used a winter theme that had a snowman on it. I used beautiful glitter snowman X-mas cards that I found at Ross. I covered the Christmas greeting inside with a poem about How to talk to your snowman." If you "Google" snowman poems you will find it. I also printed a letter in pink blue & white that said "Macey can't wait for you to come to her snowtastic 4th birthday party. She is going to have frosterrific games so bring your Happy Feet. It gave the menu and asked that the girls come in costume as a snow fairy or snow princess.

For decorations I found as many snowflake & snowman things I could find at the Dollar Tree (DT) Michael's (M) Old Time Pottery (OTM) & the Party Store (PS). I also dug out my X-mas decorations. I found cute plastic penguin plates and snowman bowls to serve food in (DT). I bought Happy Feet balloons white silver and blue balloons (PS). I had to order Happy Feet paper plates & napkins off the Internet which turned out to be way too expensive when you add in shipping. I also found cute paper snowman plates/cups at Walmart. I found clings (snowflakes/snowmen)& found felt strips made to look like icicles (OTP) I went to the Lakeshore Learning store and bought polar bear & penguin punch-outs (the kind teachers use)I covered the walls in two rooms with 3-D snowflakes I made from all the things I bought. I made scenery with the polar bears and penguins. I covered ceiling fans & light fixtures in both rooms with crepe paper to make them look like they were covered in icicles.

I made a "frozen waterfall" with those plastic table clothes you can buy at the PS. (Buy dark blue & light blue ones and cut them like fringe (wide strips work best then add a sparkle door hang to it & put icicles at the top.) I used the fake snow spray that I found at (M) to do every window in the house. I used the snowflakes as stencils w/the spray it looked great. I bought bags of fake snow (the shredded cellophane kind at (M)and sprinkled it ALL over my entire carpet w/silver glitter (it vacuums up!)I put small silver glitter x-mas trees around too. We put x-mas stuff in the yard and made cute signs about the North pole sledding etc. I also ordered the best fake snow I could find (www.snowinseconds.com-I loved their snow-it stays fluffy & is cold to the touch)

For Games: I filled a blow-up whale pool with snow (the kids jumped in it & made snow angels & used it like a sand box) I did another wade pool filled w/ice and did the ice fishing (we had several magnetic fishing sets already) The girls arrived in costume and then I added "pixie dust" to them (glitter makeup & sprayed their hair with silver glitter spray I got at DT.) I loaded x-mas music and winter music on my IPOD & played "Let it snow!" & "Walking in a Winter wonderland" when they came in. We played "freeze dancing" and pass the "melting snowball" with Styrofoam balls. I also bought lots of S.foam balls at the (DT) & they had a snowball fight with them. I filled lots of bowls with cotton balls that they threw all over. We put rolls of toilet paper on an old broom handle and the kids pulled all the tp off & threw it at each other & wrapped up in it like snowmen. We played penguin & egg and they had to carry a s.foam ball on a large serving spoon and pass it to their partner. Kids got prizes (stickers & PS stuff) out of a snowman box (found at Ross)

For food we did finger food. Little pieces of ham (Reindeer food) cheese cut like snowflakes (M-cookie cutters)veggie tray w/ cucumbers cut like snow angels, trees & snowflakes, gingerbread cookies, cake x-mas trees (little Debbie section in Grocery store) Ritz makes snowflake crackers at this time of yr. fish sticks& snow cones& blue Gatorade w/vanilla ice cream Yogurt covered raisins w/pretzel sticks& goldfish.

The cake was the best. It was made in the shape of an igloo with the Happy Feet Penguins (www.ubercakes.com)on each side. (All edible)

For favors I found snowman bags at (M) & did the snowman soup idea (hot chocolate candy cane Hershey kiss-on the computer I printed the poem/instructions and put a pic of a snowman & pasted it to the front of a hot choc packet &put everything in ziplock bag)& did snowman "seeds" w/a poem (Google)in a ziplock bag. Also included Tinkerbell fairy stuff (PS) & snowman pencils & trinkets (Walmart & PS)

We did lots of picture "spots" so the parents have great x-mas pics."

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