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Willy Wonka Party

Wonka Party -12yr- The Candy Room




cin in Minnesota, USA


February 2006


Honorable Mention

Willy Wonka Party 12yr. Old I threw a Wonka Party for my sister for her 12th birthday. 

For INVITAITONS: I downloaded the wonka font and made wrappers to look like a wonka bar from the old movie that said You're Invited to _________ in smaller letters on top , Wonka in big letters and party in smaller letters on the front.  On the back it was gold with sparkles here and there and read ___________'s golden ticket in wonka font along with the rest of the party info.   The wrapper went over hershey bars.  The front looked just like a wonka bar. 

DECORATIONS:  I used all bright colors for balloons and streamers.  We had six colors of streamers and 144 balloons that we put everywhere.  Then we hung up 8 jumbo lollypops made from paper plates, dowels, cellophane, and paint.  I also made giant candies out of Styrofoam balls and discs and bright cellophane.  I found candy vines at Joann's on clearance 90% off and hung those like streamers.  They were white with glittery candy canes, hard candies, gummies, and other fake candies.  They were perfect for a candy theme.  I bought big styrofoam rectangles & squares, painted them green, and stuck giant lollypops, rainbow candy canes, and unicorn pops all over them, and later let the kids take some. 

We had a Charlie & the chocolate factory poster hanging next to a contract along with candy decorations and strips of candy dots.  I taped whatever candy I could up on the walls(candy bars, big rolls of sprees, boxes of nerds, packs bubble gum, etc.)  I also hung up pop rocks and other similar packaged candy by tying small colored clothes pins to curling ribbon and hanging on the walls.  The rest of the candy(and there was a lot of it!) was served out of funky bowls & cups and a top hat(willy wonka's hat) or sprinkled over tables and shelves.  Candy was everywhere around the room. My sister got a large piece of brown paper from school and I cut it to look like dripping chocolate to go across the top of the wall that separates the kitchen and living room. 

GAMES & ACTIVITIES:  When the party started the girls walked through a curtain of streamers into the candy room.  I had a burned CD playing with songs from both movies but also added songs like lollypop, I want candy, & sugar, sugar etc.  A bubble machine was also going when they walked in.  I had the empty goody bags standing up on the table.  They were bright colored paper bags with a big sticker I made on the computer that said _______'s Wonka party in wonka font along with a picture of willy wonka.  They got to wonder around and take whatever they wanted of the little candy and one of each of the big candies(big boxes of wonka candy like you would get at the movie theater, or the jumbo lollypops etc.)  They ran around for about 20 minutes and their bags were over flowing.  On the TV I put a sign that said WONKAVISION and hooked up my camera to the screen. I set the camera on the entertainment stand so the girls could see themselves on TV.  My camera has a tiny remote control to snap pictures so they took turns taking pictures and also made a short video. 

The first GAME we played was the fizzy lifting drink ring toss.  We had bought a couple dozen 2 liter pops from walmart and I made the rings out of formula can covers.  They played this with the bubble machine going.  The next game was the name game.  My sister thought of giving the guests names from the movie and using them for a drawing during the party.  We put names in balloons like Willy Wonka, Charlie bucket, Grandpa Joe, Oompa Loompa, and the rest of the characters.  Once they found out who they were they got name tags with their wonka name.  Everyone's name was called by the end of the party.  This was a fun idea, they were calling each other by their character names during the party.  Other games were hot potato with a giant candy decoration, musical chairs, bubble gum blowing contest, & a burping contest.  We also played the golden egg game.  I put good egg or bad egg on a piece of gold wrapping paper and stuck them inside gold balloons. They had to sit on them to pop.  Good eggs won a prize.  With the poster, I made a pin the golden ticket on Charlie with the gold wrapping paper.  We had tons of prizes like big glow sticks, candy novelties, flashing necklaces, stationary sets, etc.  Everyone got at least 3 prizes.  Towards the end of the party we had a silly sting war.  I covered the cans with paper that said hsawaknow.  Big mess but lots of fun. 

FOOD: we had regular party food for dinner.  For cake we had cup cakes with sprinkles and little candies like dum dums stick on them. The ice cream served in chocolate bowls.  You melt chocolate chips and use a foil cup cake cup for the mold.  The party was lots of fun for everyone.  Even the adults took candy home!  I did have wooden picture frames to decorate by gluing small candies on but we didn't have enough time! Maybe we can make them for thank you notes!

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