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Willy Wonka Party

Chocolate Wonka -10yr- Fizzy Bubble Machine




Olga in Vancouver, Washington USA


October 2005


Special Mention

Willy Wonka Chocolate Party for a 10 year old young lady. 

We delivered chocolate bars with a Golden ticket (inside) inviting a total of 8 lucky finders to my daughter's Birthday. I was the reporter taking their photos for the "paper". The invitations went something like this (too long to submit): Wonka's Golden Ticket Greetings to you the lucky finder of this golden ticket from the wonka Chocolate Factory! Oompa loompa doompaty doo,  this golden ticket's an invitation for you. Oompa loompa doopaty doo, It's for Giselle's 10th Birthday Party! Sunday, October, 2nd is the big date, The time is 1-5 for you your chocolatey fate. (and don't be late!) ---- Street is not that far, if you're not busy we hope to see you, so you can have fun like the  Oompa Loompa Doompaty Do!!! Be certain to have this ticket with you, otherwise you will not be admitted. In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the marvelous SURPRISES that await YOU!!!!

Decorations:  Christmas decorations all over front and back yards.  Candy canes, gumdrops, candy lights, etc.  Red and white paper streamers hanging from one corner to another. The Door had everyone's photo with their street name on it.  I tried to make it look like an artsy paper. 

Day of Party: Everyone was waiting outside of the house.  At exactly 1 pm I opened the door and walked out.  I informed the kids that I was "Charlene Bucket", Great granddaughter of Charlie. I wore simple clothes that I could get dirty and over that an apron and a colonial bonnet on my head, and some candy earrings.  I had closed the door so now I pulled from my apron a small trick box.  I had to open up many sides and mini keys before I found the key to the front door.  Once opened, 2 Oompa Loompas ( my 6 year old and his friend) who were dressed in orange T-shirts, white sweat pants (rolled up) and striped socks.  They had their hair colored( one was pink the other was green).  I invited the kids to sign a poster sized "Contract" just like in the original film. While they signed, music was playing - Let's Get Started and Chocolate. 

First, a tour of the house, all the doors had different names on them, just like in the book.  Our bathroom was the Fizzy Lifting Drinks room.  The "drinks" were in the bathtub, and a bubble machine was going on continuously.  Also, had chocolate scented soap and lotions for the girls to try.  Hallway had, lickable wallpaper (melted Jolly Ranchers) and candy dots.  Everyone had a section with their name on  it.  I cut the wallpaper so everyone would know who had what.  Chocolate/Inventing room:  aka the kitchen!

The girls were divided into partners (each team had a different colored visor, .33 cents at Michael's) I first talked about Safety.  I told them that there would be 3 stations:  1. Chocolate molds/lolipops.  2. Dipped dried fruit, pretzels, strawberries.   3. Chocolate mice (chocolate dipped cherries with a chocolate kiss for a head and almond ears) 

After the chocolate making, we went through the HSAWAKNOW streamers (wonkawash) and went outside to play our Wonka Games:  1. Sour bubble gum blowing contest.  Girls didn't know gum was sour.  Great photos. 2.  Golden egg race.  Sitting on yellow balloons and popping them. 3.  lifesaver fresbee's (found at party store) thrown through a poster sized "mouth".   4.  lifesaver candy relay.  Lifesavers passed fn screwers (be very careful, cut the tips off). First team to get all the lifesavers from one candy tube back home wins. 5. Fizzy lifting drink burping contest. 6. Eatable marshmallow pillows -  marshmallows "stuffed" in their mouths one at a time.  After each marshmallow, they would have to say.  Happy 10th Birthday Giselle. 7. Everlasting gobsdtoppers  (colorful jaxs from WalMart) spoon relay. 8.  Oompa Loompa Crazy Dress Race.  I put together 4 different outfits.  One partner was the retriever, the other was the "model".  My son helped with putting the silly outfits together.  Example, the list said, hula skirt, pink wig, wedding veil, mustache, harry potter glasses, scuba fins …   When everyone was finished the Oompa Loompa's  were the judges.  Everyone won a prize. 

Then, we took a group photo which we will send to each of the girls in their thank-yous.  Everyone received prizes;  gum, gobstoppers, mini-lifsavers, pop rocks, nerds, candy flavored lip balm (8 in a party pack at Walmart), whirly-bird toys ($1.50 for a pack of 8 at the party store) etc.  Opened presents. 

Cake in the Chocolate room: Candy cane fabric to decorate table.  Two cakes.  One round (pumpkin) shaped cake I frosted light purple.  I put a small doll head (painted lilac) on top and lilac painted doll arms coming out of the side.  The other cake was rectangular - I made it look like the chocolate room from the original movie: Marshmallows and Candy canes.  Ice cream cone trees with gummy bears, lolipops, chocolate rocks, etc.  I even had a marizpan gnone with a ladder and a chocolate pudding river in the middle of the cake.  I found candles at the party store that spelled out birthday and one with a girls face and I added one extra candy striped candle to make it ten candles total.  

Finished with Sing-a-longs from the movie.  The original movie was played while kids were waiting to get picked up.  As each kid gathered all their chocolates and their "goodie bag" candies, they stopped a a cardboard boxed (painted to looked like a tv) and had mini chocolates taped to the "screen" with the words "the end".  I also gave each child a toothbrush as they let the "factory".  I thought that having a 4 hour party might be long, but it was just right. The girls had a blast!  The only items that the girls ate during the party were the lickable wallpaper and dots, fizzy lifting drinks, and the cakes. I limited the chocolate intake because sometimes kids can get (sugared Up). I saved that for them to share with their families at home.  I think that my son wants this party for his birthday!

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