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Willy Wonka Party

Chocolate Factory -10yr- Mike Teevee Trivia




Nicole in Milford, PA USA


April 2007


Special Mention

My son's 10th birthday party was a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme.  I liked the latest version of the movie. 

We sent out the invites on Chocolate bars inside had golden tickets I couldn't find inexpensive metallic gold paper so I used yellow paper (same effect lol). Two weeks before the party I had to send follow up invites(my son gave them out at school! Lol, needless to say most invites never made it home.)  On the back of the candy bar where the nutritional value usually is I put the following information: For Shemar's 10th Birthday Party Willy Wonka the Wonderful Chocolatier is opening up his doors to the public.  The gates will be open for the 1st time in 10 years to the lucky golden ticket holders. The golden tickets are hidden in a limited amount of Wonka bars. The lucky winners will receive a private tour of the factory by Mr. Wonka himself!" 

This party took lots of work and planning it still didn't come out the way I had planned but the kids loved it.  We had the kids play outside with a giant ball passing it in a circle waiting for the rest of the kids to arrive.  They waited outside for Mr. Wonka to open the doors.  Mr. Wonka walked outside and welcomed the kids they all cheered and he asked them to say happy birthday to the birthday boy and they all shouted "Happy Birthday Shemar!".  He then said that he would not be held responsible for children that falls in his chocolate river so do not touch! Any children that turns into a blueberries any children that touch things that say do not touch! Etc. we used the events from the movie.

Then he asked if everyone was ready for the tour and they yelled " YEA!".   Let me just add that we had 25 RSVP and we had over 40 kids at the party good thing I was preparing for 50 just in case parents wanted to join. TOUR: -When they walked in the door there was a contract for the kids to sign. We used a huge balloon poster board I found at Wal-Mart. We used a Sharpie with a quill feather taped to it.  -The entrance was filled with Easter buckets (I had a great sale I love when Easter is in April I wait for the sale) the Easter buckets had flowers and chocolate cookies on a lollipop stick. There was also candy sprinkled everywhere as well as eggs that held tickets candy and some had nothing in it.  There was also a photo op. we had a container on the stage with orange tee-shirts top hats sunglasses and green wigs. 

Next we had lickable wall paper we used candy dots.  Most of the candy from this party was bought from metrocandies.com groovycandies.com and BJ's. -We had the inventing room that made the everlasting gobstoppers.  We found a children's game that you put a ball in the top and it goes around in a spiral for the machine.  We had the small jawbreakers for the machine and let the children have the huge jawbreakers that will be "Everlasting"!

Next was the Fizzy lifting drink table.  We had a bubble machine blowing bubbles and 4 flasks set up with Cherry Coke in them.  We popped mentos in the flasks with the coke gave it a little spin and we had fizzing.  We gave the kids small cups of cherry coke and a burping contest.  The winners received tickets.

The Candy Balloon Table was next.  We found nestles chocolate bubble yum at target.  This gum is amazing it tastes like actual chocolate.  The gum was spread out all over the table we  gave each child a piece of gum and asked who can blow the biggest bubble.  It was hard for the kids to get a bubble because the gum was a little slimy and they didn't have much time to chew it to get great bubbles.  That made the contest interesting.  The kids that actually made a bubble got a ticket.

Next we had the candy making station.  We were supposed to have a candy jewelry station but we ended up giving the candy jewelry kits as gifts.  At the station we gave them plastic gloves and they made candy kabobs with every gummy candy we could find  we had peach rings sharks Swedish fish worms sour worms sour patch kids gum drops fruit slices and we also had some peeps.  We put the finished creations in plastic pretzel bags we bought from AC Moore. -We also had a few games in between such as musical chairs the pass the ball in the circle while we were waiting for lunch to heat up. 

Lunch was corndogs hotdogs and fries.  I attempted to make a castle cake which came out pretty neat although it didn't start out that way :-).

GAMES: -The Augustus Gloop Race:  The kids held balloons on the stomach they were in pairs and they had to hold an egg all the way to the finish line and drop the egg in a basket.  We had 3 teams as soon as a team dropped the egg they had to run back to the next teammate and give them the balloon and egg.  It kept up like this until one team got all their eggs in the finish line basket. -Violet Beauregard Balloon Pop:  We blew up blue balloons and put a golden ticket in the balloon as well as fake ones and the kid that popped the balloon with the golden ticket won a huge Willy Wonka Golden Egg.

Mike Teevee Trivia:  We didn't get a chance to do this one. The kids would have been in 3 teams.  We set up 3 boxes with the answers.  We were supposed to ask the questions and the kids would run to the box and find the answer.  The team with the most answers would receive tickets.  Questions like: Charlie's last name is? And in the box there was a small bucket.  Charlie's father worked in what kind of factory? In the box we had a small travel toothpaste. 

After all the games we sang Happy Birthday and the kids made their own sundaes.  We called it "The never melting ice cream parlor" and we had the cutest little doors in a window of the kitchen that made it kinda resemble a ice-cream truck.  They had an assortment of mini m&m's nuts syrups hard shell whipped cream and marshmallows.  We also had a chocolate river we covered a wall with chocolate fabric covered the table like a table cloth and put the chocolate fountain on it.  We had toasted coconut marshmallows thin breadsticks Vienna fingers graham crackers strawberries and Oreos for their dipping pleasures.  We had a parents section that had chips veggies and dips. 

We had a prize redemption center that were the tickets came in handy.  The children picked whatever they wanted.  We had the Golden Eggs lunch boxes pens pencils erasers yo yo's etc. Remember it was an Easter clearance sale so lots of stuff was less than a dollar.  They were very excited at the candy store.  -Candy Store: Since there were so many children I had to enlist a couple of friends to help my mom pre-make the bags because by then the kids were full of energy and anticipation they couldn't wait to get to the candy store.  We had sooooo much candy!!! I made candy apples(I had a hard time finding the mix this time of the year so I searched online and everywhere had wholesale quantities so I finally found Rockymountpopcorn.com that had the bags wholesale and single bags.  Each bag made about 40 apples.) The candy was endless we had giant pixie sticks wonka chocolate bars wonka golden eggs bottle caps jawbreakers rock candy lollipops sixlets marshmallow ice cream cones jellybeans chocolate bars with rock candy & chocolate bars with nerds that I made myself from the chocolate molds that I purchased from AC Moore nerds old fashioned candy sticks cry baby's dum dum trees sweettarts runts and I am pretty sure I had a bunch more than I am missing.   

The kids had so much fun my son turned 10 and we even had the 14 year old kids and adults enjoying every moment of it.  My son has the best parties of anyone in his school.  The kids always look forward to his birthday parties.  I am definitely going to do this party planning thing!!!!!!! If you would like to see photos I am creating a MySpace for the parties.

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