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Western Party

Cowgirl Party 6yr - Lasso the Pony




Heidi in Sydney, Australia


August 2006


Honorable Mention

Cowboy /Cowgirl Wild West Party for 6 year old Birthday Girl.  We had a cowgirl/boy party for my daughter's 6th Birthday and it proved to be a hit. 

We sent out invitations, that we printed ourselves.  The invitations read "Howdy Partner!Saddle up & Mosey on over For a Yee-Hawin Good Time As we celebrate Claire's 6th Birthday.  Yeah or Neigh to Heidi"   (I actually used this invitation from another contributor.)  We had the party at home, and instead of tying baloons to the mail box, I attached a Large net Butterfly, When the Guests arrived at the door, I had a Sign that read "Welcome to Claire's Butterfly Corral" the sign was decorated with a cowgirl, a cowboy and a Butterfly. 

We invited each guest in and gave them each a costume (Vest, Bandana, Chaps and a Hat… thankfully I had found these on sale but honestly they were great for the party.)  After having each child dress up, I took his or her picture sitting on a Giant Stuffed pony with a Western Backdrop.   We then brought each guest into the dining room and allowed him/her decorate his/her own butterfly as other guests arrived. 

When everyone arrived I started the festivities with a Volcano which I had decorated with little Cowboy and Indian Figures.  I told everyone that the Volcano was located at Snake Mountain, and to the excitement of each child we errupted the Volcano several times.  (Volcano can be made by taking a long necked bottle and filling with a tablespoon of Baking Soda, then surrond the bottle with sand and a little water to form a mountain, to make the volcano erupt simply add Vinegar to the bottle with Baking Soda and wait for the screams of delight.)

We next did a Treasure Hunt to find the Treasure that had been Stolen From the "Great Train Robbery" You may wish to use your own clues or feel free to use mine. (Treasure Hunt clues are as follows

1.As Any Cowgirl ought to know this is where wet clean clothes go. (Clothes Line or Dryer),

2. Tick Tock find the croc (Crocodile hidden in Garden)

3.You usually go here when you want to bake a cake, but today I am looking for a Great big Snake. (Snake in or near oven)

4.Red and Shiny and very Sweet This is my horses favourite Treat. (apple found in obvious place)

5. When  I am sweaty,  dirty and feeling hot, this is always my favourite cleaning spot. (bathtub or shower) This is where we found the treasure - Bubbles from the "Great Bubble Bandits" who had robbed the train and plastic "crystal" ponies.) 

After the treasure hunt we played "Shoot the Boot" We purchased a toy gun that shot balls, and also had tennis balls to throw at the tower of plastic cups that I had decorated with pictures of cowgirl boots. Each child received a gummy snake "there's a Snake in my boot" for knocking down the tower (which they were all able to do.)

Then we played Lasso the Pony, we just had each child toss a Hula Hoop around the stuffed Pony. (For this game we gave each child a Pony writing pad) We next played "Pluck the Duck" which was a game where we fished rubber ducks out of a kiddy pool, once the ducks were "Plucked" we then Panned for Gold. I had painted stones  Gold  and hid them in sand under the Duck Pool. 

After these games we came in for our craft activity, which was decorating "money boxes".  We decorated the money boxes with cowgirl and cowboy stickers.   (The money boxes  were  nice tin cans with lids and covered with sparkly scrap book paper.  This proved to be a great hit. I had purchased great stickers from a party supply store on e-bay.) From here we went on to some races outside.  The first race was a Stick Pony Obstacle Course, and then the second race was a Sack Race.

After this we had our party food.  We then had a horse Pinata. Followed by the Birthday Cake and the presents.  We had such fun, that no one wanted to go home. I had several complimenta and  I think that this will prove to be a memorable party for my daughter.

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