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Western Party

Western Girl Party 7yr - Kiss the Cowboy




Christine in New Windsor, NY USA


August 2001


Special Mention

Western party- 7 Year Old Girls What A HOOT we Had. 20 little Girls, party held from 6-9pm. Local Burning permit allowed for campfire in back yard. That, coupled with those old fashioned root-beer bottles ( that we refilled) were really all we needed to keep the girls entertained.

But we didn't stop there.  All the girls came dressed like little cowpokes, most wore bluejeans and vests and boots, we supplied hats and bandannas.

The yard was roped off using rope from home depot and cardboard cactus' that I cut and spraypainted were attached to the Corrals main-gate. There was also a sign that said " Welcome to The Cleeves' corral" 

We played several games that included : Rope The Pony: 2 pony heads on sticks stuck into pails of hay.  2 teams had to relay to see who could rope their pony first. Lasso was made of small hoola-hoop attached to rope. 

Then we played  "Kiss the Cowboy" using a cowboy cut out that was purchased at the local party store and I made lips cut from pink paper, we played the same way that you would play pin the tail on the donkey. 7 Year old girls think this is a scream! We also panned for gold using a part of the yard that makes like a gully, lined with plastic tarp, large rocks and sandbox sand. I buried painted gold rocks and let them use foil pie plates (holes punched in bottom) to sift the sand, while the hose ran through the rocks creating a flowing river effect.

After we ate the Boot Shaped cake, my husband and I taught the girls to line dance  to country music. We then sat around the fire on large logs and played, "pass the rattle snake" with a plastic snake that was purchased at the local toy store. Play just like Hot potato, except you are bitten once the country music stops. A

t that time you can leave to get the present you bought for the birthday girl and hold it on your lap until party game is over. After this game my daughter opened her gifts, in order to decide in which order the gifts  could be presented I bought inexpensive plastic harmonicas, printed each girls name on them and put them in a brown bag. My daughter drew out a harmonica and presented it to the gift-giver.

Once all gifts were opened and harmonicas given out we made smores and played Home on the Range on the harmonicas. We could've stayed for hrs, but at the parties end each guest was given a cow-printed packsack ( found at a local dept. store in clearance for 1.00each. Filled with gold nugget gum, plastic/wax kissing lips, cow-tail candy sticks, Hershey choc. Bar and plastic rattle snake.

The party required a lot of planning, but the kids always want to come to our house to party! Oh, I also used Black and white film, took lots of group photos. I was able to print out a great thank you card using the group photo. Don't forget the trail mix!!!!

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