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Skylanders Party -7yr- Portal Passes




Sara in Harrod, Ohio USA


August 2013


Runner Up

My son loves Skylanders. So of course he wanted a skylander birthday party. Well if you go to your local Walmarts, Meijer, Hobby Lobby or any party store they of course do NOT sell anything at all related to skylanders  So it was left up to me to make him the best 7th birthday party ever! Skylanders are characters that live on a ship in the air. They are divided into 8 elements. Earth, Air, Fire, Water etc.

INVITATIONS: So first we needed invites! When you buy a skylander it comes with a card (like baseball card that talks about the character) So I made his invite look like that. It was 4x6 and had a character on it, and down the side said JACOB  (my sons name) and then where the states for the character would be we put. When, Where, Time..for the party! It was a huge hit! I made about 5 different characters!

GAMES/ACTIVITES: So immediately I thought I could create 8 different games for each of the elements. Which I did and it turned out to be a huge success!!! So examples I did was for Water Element" and called "Fish out of Water. We had a little blow up pool. I got some nets at the dollar store and some little fish/sharks/whales and the little hard pieces, about 40 of them, and put them in the water, and 2 kids would compete to see who could get the most out of the water the fastest. Another game was the Tech element called "trigger happy" (which is also a name of a tech character" I bought 2 water guns again at the dollar store had the kids fill them up with water and squirt a 3 tiered pyramid of pop cans (that I spray painted gold) down they loved it!!

We did for Earth Element Chompie Smash Chompies are little green things in the game. So I blew up small green balloons each kid got 3 and whoever could smash them to break with their butts first won! Very fun and funny to watch! The kids loved the magic element! It was called magic trick! I had step-by-step instructions for the children. First it was take a cup and fill it to the line with ingredient #1 (vinegar) then add 2 drops of favorite food coloring color last add ingredient #2 (baking soda) then WATCH IT EXPLORE! They loved it I did this experiment because it was kid friendly and if any of them accidently consumed any it would not harm them. Many of the games that I did I tried to make it so they could do them over and over again! Most of the games were less than 5 dollars and could be bought at walmart or the dollar store!! I also had different colored balloons marking where each element station was around the yard! Very colorful and fun!

FAVORS: I also made portal passes, they were laminated so they wouldn’t get ruined.  (They were about the size of a baseball card) It had the guest name on the front and said thanks for coming and on the back had each element symbol so as the kids finished playing the games they could come up to a table and mark off that they did the game! I bought lanyards for each child so they took them home with them as a souvenir! They loved them!!! 

CAKE The cake was the portal of power!  (Which is what you have to use to make the skylanders come to life) it was made of two 8in cakes stacked on top of each other. I wrapped them with buttercream first then with black fondant. I put marking in the fondant to make it look old and warn and brick like the real portal does. I sprayed it with silver edible spray to make it look grayer and awesome! The top was with white fondant that I painted with food color and water lime green to show it was lighting up! I make the skylander sign on the back standing up high and added Jake’s 7th Adventure He placed his 2 favorite characters on it. He loved it and everyone thought it looked exactly like the real portal! The cake was at the very top of a wooden cupcake stand that we made.

PARTY SNACKS: We made sheep cupcakes after making vanilla cupcakes I put white buttercream on them tons of little marshmallows. I added a small brownie for the face. Added 2 small eyes and which chocolate icing put it 2 ears and a tail! They were adorable and looked like real sheep! Sonic Boom clouds which were popcorn balls that were colored blue. We had rock crusher brownies. Mini brownies with chocolate icing topped with crushed up pieces of brownie. Ghost Roaster Bones. My son’s favorite! I took the small long pretzels put a little marshmallow on each end and dipped them in white chocolate! A huge hit! We had element cupcakes that I made 3 of each element. I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and topped them with a huge tall amount of different colored frosting then made little circle elements with paper to top them off with. They were very colorful and the kids loved picking their favorite. We made Boomers dynamite sticks out of smarty’s wrapped in red paper and put a black pipe cleaner through them! I found little gummies sharks so I had a sign for them that said Gill Grunts Lunch We had WhirlWinds Rainbows they were the rainbow twizzlers there were about 15 different candies and food for them! Not to mention I did hamburgers hot dogs baked beans mac cheese and salsa anything for a great cookout!!

DECORATIONS: I made a cupcake stand and placed it right in the center of the candy buffet table. We made out of pieces of wood that we cut to make different sizes and stack up out of an old tree that had just been cut down! It looked amazing! I printed out all 8 element symbols and hung them on huge 12x12 paper around the kitchen.  I made a huge cloud out of paper mache balloons and put cotton balls on them this is what I put my sonic boom popcorn balls on!  I also found a pirate treasure chest. (Since they are on lookout for treasure) I sprayed it gold and added lots of coins and jewels and beads to it!  I got wooden letter to spell JACOB and put moss, vines, and leaves all around it and hung it behind the candy table to show it was his birthday! For the outdoor tables that everyone was eating and sitting at I printed off pictures of all 8 giants. I sprayed a foam ½ globe ball blue and put green ribbon around the bottom. I Then put all 8 characters on sticks and put them in it. On the back as high as I could I made printed signs that said Skylanders Jake’s 7th Adventure! And last my son wanted everyone to see his collection of skylanders So we brought all 50 some downstairs and I draped blue plastic tablecloth over a few small boxes to have them stand up. I took small pieces of tape and taped each one with the plastic cloth so no one would try to pick them up! It looked great as a huge centerpiece in the kitchen with the candy buffet table!  Everything turned out better than planned. The kids and adults loved everything; all the little details definately helped!! I try to make my son have amazing birthday parties and this was definately one!! "

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