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Video Game Party

Video Game Party -7yr- Who Am I Game




Mona in Saratoga Springs, NY, USA


February 2005



Video Game Party - 7-year-old boy; My son wanted a "video game" party for his seventh birthday so here's what we did: 

For invitations, we made them in the shape of video game controllers.  When the party began, I started by having each child decorate a paper bag with stickers and markers.  This became their "goodie bag" which they had to keep with them. 

The first game we played was "Pac-Man Obstacle Course" for which I made ghosts from the Pac-Man game out of poster board and put them around our obstacle course, which consisted of throwing balls into a laundry basket, building a block tower, and jumping over a toy pile as quickly as possible.

Once they completed this game, they got a little bag of Pac-Man power pellets (really a bag of lemon heads that I put a label on myself).  Then they played "Pin the Tie on Donkey Kong" (just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey) and when they finished they got Donkey Kong's Jungle Fruit Snacks (again, something I labeled myself). 

Next we played "Guess Who I Am" where I taped a video game character onto the back of each kid and then that child had to ask the other kids questions about who was on their back (such as "Am I a dragon?" or "Do I wear green?") and since I knew that some of the kids were unfamiliar with any characters, I taped pictures of all the characters on the wall for them to reference.  Then they got a puzzle (labeled with "Pokemon Puzzle League Puzzle"). 

After ice cream sundaes, we played Hot Potato, but we used a balloon with Link's sword drawn on it (from "The Legend of Zelda" game) and my husband got music from the video game off the internet to use for this (the kids got lollipops labeled "Link's Sword" as a prize for this game). 

The last game we played was "Super Mario Musical Chairs" where I taped a picture of a Super Mario Bros. game chracter onto each chair and then when the music stopped (again, music from the video game) I called out a character and that child got up and got his last prize, Super Mario's gold coins (chocolate coins).  We all had a great time.

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