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Under the Sea Party

Under the Sea -4yr- Streamers & Ballons




Belinda in Gold Coast Queensland Australia


August 2005


Special Mention

Under The Sea Party - 4yr old  My daughter's 4yr birthday party was great fun and very simple to do.  

The invitations were printed on blue paper with a clipart shell border and pictures of seahorses and a cute mermaid. The wording was Birthday Girl's name invites Child's name to Under the Sea, under the sea, come along and celebrate turning 4 with me.

The other details were similar to other under the sea parties found on this website, like Cast off for party start time etc. I burnt the edge of the page so it had that treasure map look and folded the page in half and put it in a small zip lock bag along with a small plastic shell ($2a pack from the $2shops)Then put blue glitter along the top of the zip lock. The kids loved the shells in the invitations. 

We moved the dining table out onto the deck and covered it with butcher's paper. A glittery table runner was made from clear cellophane - make a pocket to the size of the table then sticky tape the sides and fill it with glitter (blue and silver) and sequins (blue, green, silver and gold). Then tape the top of the pocket and you have the table runner.  I dyed some old net curtains blue and hung them up over the entrance to the empty dining room. Cut them up into three so it was easy for people to get through them.  

To decorate the room like under the sea we had string criss crossing the room from each corner and hung blue and pearl green balloons along the string. They hung at different lengths and were quite low but no so the children could reach them. Also hung streamers, a big happy birthday sign and Linkaloons (these are great- got them at Kmart)around the top of the ceiling and across the room. Covered the floor in blue balloons. This room was our dance floor and we played some of the games here. The kids loved all the balloons.  

As the guests arrived they went outside onto the deck and had their photo taken in a shark standee which looked like the kids were inside the sharks mouth. This was a hit with the kids and the parents. I made this myself out of a large box (big enough for the kids to stand in)and the total cost was only $8 for 4 tubes of acrylic paint - black, white, silver and blue.  When all the kids had arrived, we sat them down outside on the deck and asked if they knew who's birthday it was and gave 4 claps for the birthday girl.

The first game was fishing - 2 sticks with string and magnets on and kids had to catch fish.  I'd printed the 'fish mobile' out from the dltk kids website and had my children colour the fish in, then we added a paper clip. (My kids loved being involved in the party preparations) When the kids had all caught a fish, they traded it for a bottle of bubbles. I'd decorated the bottles & lids with whale stickers. Everyone had to blow bubbles before they could go under the sea. 

Seeing they were such good bubble blowers they then were each given a pair of blue goggles (I'd got these for 50cents at a $2 shop)and a candy watch (so they knew how long they could stay under water) The kids loved this.

Now we went into the under the sea room where we played Musical Swimmers, like Musical Statues, and Musical Corners. I had a wooden box that looked like a treasure chest filled with necklaces, candies, chocolates and assorted party favours so the winners of any games could pick what they wanted. 

For the snacks and drinks, my kids had decorated blue plastic cups with dolphin stickers and there were blue plates and sea motif paper napkins. I bought small plastic sand shovels to shovel out the M&M which were in a fish shaped dish and popcorn. We served fish shaped patties Li'll Fishes and were going to do chips but realised we already had lots of food. 

Played more games, Fish Fish Shark (Duck, Duck Goose), Hungry Shark - had some bright puffy balls that looked like sea urchins and the kids had to throw them into the Shark Standee's mouth.  

Played pass the parcel where I'd wrapped a Kit Kat and a lolly pop in each layer then for the last layer it had the same but also a note rolled up. Which read, "Capt Bluebeard is my name stealing treasure is my game, if you find it you will win, all the treasure that's within" It then read that they should go 4 paces north and do a dance, skip 10 paces west and pull a funny face, with more clues until finally they uncovered the treasure chest. Inside were silver packages each had a child's name on it which contained a soft plastic fish that lights up when sqeezed (another great find at the $2 shop).  We finally played What's the Time Mr Shark which ended with Birthday Cake Time.

The birthday cake was a blue whale cake with sparklers on his spout and candles. For the loot bags I used Nemo bags and put in Seashell Marshmellows and other fish themed lollies as well as fish stickers. We also cut down the blue hanging balloons so each child left with a balloon as well.  

Everyone had a great time including me. My advice do everything in baby steps, make a plan and give yourself time to search the cheap shops.

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