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Under the Sea Party

Under the Sea -2yr- Invites in a Bottle






March 2005


Special Mention

For my 2 year old daughter's birthday party I decided on an UNDER THE SEA theme since she likes Spongebob, Nemo & Shark Tale.  I just incorporated all 3 into one theme. 

INVITATIONS: I had Invitations in a Bottle, ordered from Sandscripts.com.  The plastic bottles were filled with sand, small plastic palm trees and mini sea shells.  I went to a local copy center and had scrolls printed with the party information. They were yellow with a pineapple background (downloaded from internet) and read "If nautical nonsense be something you wish, then drop on the deck & flub like a fish at an Under The Sea Party For 

Then all the party info was detailed Port:House Address, Castoff Date: Party Date, Dive Time: Start Time, Resurface Time: Party End Time & SOS:Phone Number.  It then read "If you know who lives in a pineapple under the sea, then you'll go overboard turning 2 with me!" Tied blue curling ribbon around each scroll before placing in bottle.

DECORATIONS: On the front door, I had a sign that read "The party's here".  The party was designated b/t the living room & dining room.  I decorated each wall of the living room.  One wall had a poster size drawing (downloaded from the internet) of a mermaid but with my daughter's face superimposed, done at a local copy center. I then decorated it with glitter.  Another wall was the Spongebob wall where I hung a plastic lifesaver (shindigz.com) & taped red letters printed using color printer that read 'Bikini Bottom'. 

Then I taped color photos downloaded from internet (msn.com/Pineapple Under the Sea) of all the SB characters. Taped a tissue paper pineapple (oriental trading) on the wall.  On another wall, hung a shower curtain with an ocean scene (e-bay).  Hung blue lights (used every Christmas) around shower curtain; simply used plastic hooks available at any office supply store to hang. 

Covered another wall with blue craft paper to simulate the sea along with cut out letters (Staples) that read "GET READY, GET SET, DIVE!" I printed fish from crayola.com & printed the name of the kids guest on each & taped those on wall.  From the ceiling, strung plastic & tissue paper fish (otc) from ribbon, also held by hooks. 

Placed fish transparencies on window.  These are great b/c they're reusable & only require a little water to apply. In the dining room where the food was served, I designated this the "Shark Tank" & printed photos of Bruce the Shark (Nemo) & Lenny the Shark (Shark Tale) from internet. Also, found shark Happy B-day banner on sale at local party store along with shark table cover.

Covered the closet doors with blue & teal streamers.  Taped metallic blue borders (used by teachers & avail at office supply stores)at the bottom of all the windows to simulate the sea.   On the bathroom door, taped a photo printed from internet of SB pirate. 

A kids table was set up covered with a SB tablecloth & red plastic kid chairs (party rental) in living room. On the table, placed small fish bowls & filled with gummy fish & gummy worms. Bought SB desert plates & napkins only to be used during serving of cake.  Rest of plastic utensils & paper plates was red & yellow.

ACTIVITIES: Printed coloring pages of fish from crayola.com.  Provided crayons, chalk- placed in a plastic sand pail my daughter got last summer & fish stickers along with construction paper. Had an adult lead Waves In A bottle (using vinegar, oil, glitter & blue food coloring).  Had treasure chest pinata (birthdayexpress). 

Had octopus ring toss (otc) & otctopus photo stand (shindigz) where each child took a photo to be later placed in the thank you cards. Kids sang theme to SB before doing an organized activity. Any pictures the children drew were taped on the blue craft paper on the wall.  Each child was given a fish bubble necklace (otc)when they entered.

FOOD: Kids were served White Castle burgers (Krabby Patties), french fries, potatos chips, pretzels, Capri Sun drinks.  Adults were served beef patties, crab cakes, fruit, cheese, pretzels & sodas.  Cake was a 2 tier cake with chocolate on the top & vanilla on the bottom w/sea shell decorations & gummy sharks surrounding the bottom.  Bought a wodden "2" available at craft stores & decorated with sea shell stickers to use as a cake topper. Served ice cream cups.

FAVORS: After pinata, kids were given under the sea favor boxes (bde) which was filled with 5 items (since my daughter's bday is the 5th) - PF Goldfish, Shark Tale fruit chews (Cosco), fish stickers, SB blowout, & fish kaleidoscopes (otc).

Everyone had a great time.  The party was 2 weeks ago & people are still saying what a good time they had.  It just takes a little imagination & you could turn any room of your house into a place Under the Sea!

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