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Under the Sea Party

Under the Sea (4-5yr) Summer in the Snow




Shannon in middle grove, ny, usa


March 2009


Special Mention

We decided on an Under The Sea theme for a birthday party for our 4(boy) and 5(girl) year old. We had about 60 attend the party, 30 children and 30 adults.  Living in upstate NY we thought it would be fun to do a warmer weather theme.  

For the Invitations, I had the kids put on their bathingsuits, sunglasses, and UGG boots.  I wrapped them in my husbands winter coats and set up their sleds in a 3 foot snowbank.  They ran outside, sat in their sleds, jackets came off and in about 30 seconds I took their picture.  It was just too cute and they had so much fun doing it. 

I took the pic and sent it into snapfish, the picture was at the top of the invitation and underneath it read....Please join Cassidy and Caden for an Under the Sea birthday adventure.  Bring your bathingsuit and flip flops and get ready to (pretend ) swim with the fishy's.  Swim on over to the Coral Reef (address),  and dine on the ocean floor.  March 7th,  2009 from 4-6pm.  RSVP to the Mother of Pearl or King of the Sea, (phone number/e-mail address).

For decorations,  we moved all the furniture out of our dining room.  I purchased a scene setter that was a coral reef,  that covered 2 of the 3 walls.  The other wall has two windows so with blue plastic table cloths I covered the walls and made valances for the windows. I put fish cling on's, on the window's.  We hung puffy fish and octopuse's that had different sea animals hanging from each of it's arms from the celing. 

The kids and I had to color in all the sea animals, a great activity for a snowy day.  We had about 18 things hanging from the celing and they were all just about 6 inches out of reach so the kids really felt like they were swimming".   I had also purchased about 20 inflatable beach balls all in the shape of fish crabs and other sea life. 

I had them spread out on the floor.  I bought most of the decorations from oriental trading total cost was about 60 dollars including the craft.   It was also fun for them to run around in bathing suits instead of winter wear.  I had 2 tables set up in the "ocean" on long one against the wall for food and a round one for the cake.  My description of the room really does it no justice. 

The kids (and adults) really were amazed. I also made a CD of 15 song that all had to do with the ocean living under the sea or sea animals  all different genres not just kids song...ie...yellow submarine.   In the Great room we have a large screen tv.  I found a DVD all about sealife and looking at animals in the ocean.  I ran that without any sound so the kids could actually see the fish swiming in their natural habitate.

For enterianment we hired a balloon artist.  He was at the party for an hour and made balloon animals(lots of fish) for all the kids and adults.  

For a craft   I covered a 6 foot folding table(in the kitchen) with a table cloth covered in fish I purchased kits to make fish necklases(Oriental trading 50 cents a peice).  They had foam and beads in the shape of fish that they could decorate.  I had 5 chairs and 5 bottles of glue so they kids could all take turns making them.  

The party ran from 4-6 so dinner was on the menu.   For the kids they had Whale Crackers and Fish Pretzels to munch on before dinner.  The adults had Shrimp Cocktail Veggies and Dip and Brie and Crackers.   For Dinner the children had Octopus Hot Dogs Fish Sticks(in the shape of fish) Blue Jello Jigglers in the shape of Fish and Fish Eyes(grapes).  I put table cloth's with a fish print on the floor of the "ocean" and the kids all had dinner on the floor of the ocean:) For the Adults I served Crab Cake Sandwhich's(lettuce tomato cocktail sauce tartar sauce) Pasta Salad made with Shell Pasta and Cole Slaw.  

For the Cake....My very good friend is a wedding cake decorator and she made a 4 tiered cake topsy turvy style with shells and sand and fish flying out of the top of it.  It was like something you see on the food network. Truly the coolest and yummiest cake we have ever had.  

I also had sugar cookies cut out into fish with blue sprinkles and eyeballs and I also made a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries.   For drinks the children had blue juice boxes and water. For the adults we served "Ocean Blue Margarita's"  Along with water and soda. After the cake we had been "partying" for about 2.5 hours so everyone started to head home.  

Favors I had 3 favors.  First I made copies of the CD that I made for the party and on the disc I took the picture from the invitation to make the cover.  Above the pitcure it said Cassie and Caden's Undersea Adventure  and below the picture and all the names of the songs.  They also recieved a sticker book of sea life and lastly My aunt made lolly pops in the shape of fish.  They also had their balloon from the artist.  

Thank You Cards For thank you cards I am going to take one of the pictures of the dining room "Ocean" and again use snapfish.  Under the Picture it will say. Cassie and Caden want to thank you for join them in their undersea adventures.  They both love all the Treasures they recieved.

They can't wait for you to join them on their next Sea Cruise:) I will have them sign their names. We will also include either a sheet of pirate or ariel stickers for the children. All in all it was a great party and everyone had a wonderful time children and adults! "

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