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Toy Story

Toy Story -4yr- Cardboard Rocketship




Ariane in New Zealand


June 2004


Honorable Mention

Toy Story 4 Year Old Party  MISSION FOR BUZZ'S MOM: To entertain 25 kids inside on a cold winter's day on a budget, for a very excited little boy who LOVES Buzz Lightyear. 

SETTING THE SCENE: I made a rocket out of a fridge box. I put foil on a cardboard cone on the roof of the box and painted the inside and out black. I painted windows and cut a door on the outside and on the inside I painted a window and controls out of glow in the dark paint and stuck glow in the dark planets and stars in the window. I then enlarged all of the toy story characters and painted them to hang up in the room.

The centerpiece of the room was a pretend tv made out of wood with a hole cut out in the middle for a screen and attached to wooden legs (the same could be made out of a washing machine cardboard box). I made cardboard cut outs of the characters and stapled them to sticks for the kids to act out the Toy Story 2 movie on the pretend tv screen. I also had a quiet corner with a bean bag, (made out of Toy Story material) and Toy Story toys and books to play with. 

INVITATIONS: I downloaded cute invitations and envelopes from this website. Http://www.dltk-cards.com/t/cbuzzbirthday.html

ACTIVITIES: The kids loved the activities tables set up. I had three tables, one to make their own toy story party hat. I downloaded cutouts of the characters from http://members.fortunecity.com/colorbook/toystory.htm and enlarged them three times and glued them onto colored cardboard to make them into headbands. I then put on the table glitter, fake jewels, feathers, pom poms etc for them to decorate. They looked fantastic.

The second table was to decorate your own Mr and Mrs Potato head with the twist being it a was a birthday balloon on a stick. I had all sorts for stickers of noses, eyes, and lips etc for them to make their own crazy faces. This was a big hit and all the kids had their own personalised balloon to take home. The third table was a table of finger puppets of little people or rockets which they could decorate and color in. This kept them amused for ages.

FOOD: Again the food was all Toy Story focussed. I stuck a cardboard face of Mr Potato Head onto a potato and then used cocktail sticks poked into the top of the head of cheese cubes and luncheon sausage. They were colorful and looked like hair. I did a Mrs Potato Head of a picture stuck onto an orange and had banana and marshmellow with chocolate drizzled over them. These were so popular and gave her a permed hairdo look!

I also made rockets out of banana on a stick with sprinkles on the top. The rest of the food were the usual suspects, pizzas (from pizza planet), moon rocks (chocolate crackles),laser sticks (chocolate sticks dipped in chocolate sauce and sprinkles), star and moon cookies etc.

CAKE: I had to of course make a Buzz cake. I used the Buzz party mask as the model and cut around it for the shape and moulded the cake to look like the mask by raising the cake for his features like the nose and chin etc. Looked great and was really easy.

GAMES: The first game was called Buzz's Rescue Mission, where Buzz has to rescue the LGMs. I covered a small paddling pool with foil and covered boxes with foil to be the space stations. Then I copied lots of LGM's (little green men) onto green paper and put metal paper clips on them and sprinkled them over the space stations. For Buzz I stuck an adhesive magnet on the back of a cardboard picture of Buzz and attached it with string to a wooden stick (paint stirrers are cheap and make a good sized stick). They had to get as many LGM's as they could in a time period on their magnet.

The prize was a box of lollies with a glitter pom pom on the top with three little google eyes glued on to look like LGM. They loved it, especially the prize. Second game, was pin the sheriff badge on Woody. Third game, was to reach into a mini rocket made out of a cardboard box with a hole cut for them to put their hand into. They had to find their gift, in amongst different textured paper and bubble wrap. The prize was a Toy Story jelly pop. 

LOOT BAGS: I painted planets and stars on white paper bags and tied it with lime green ribbon.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The kids (and parents) loved it, but most of all my son was the happiest little Buzz, with the biggest grin. That makes it all worthwhile.

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