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Toy Story

Toy Story Party -7yr- Cardboard Rocket Ship




Marietta in Mesa, AZ USA


November 2010


Special Mention

My almost 7 year old twins-Olivia and Robert love all the Toy Story movies and went as Jessie and Woody for Halloween this year in full Disney store costume flare. Their 7th Birthday will be a combination of all 3 Toy Story movies which will carry into the days theme and activities.  This is one party no one will want to miss.. 

Invitations - I scanned a picture from a Toy Story book of the roundup gang running on an old record player,  made it look old fashioned like the Old Woody's Roundup TV show by printing the invitations in black and white - I used western font type and read as;  Hey Howdie Hey, Yee Haw it's Olivia & Robert's 7th Birthday! Roundup to our home on..(date and time) Please RSVP to proud parents..  Your mission soldier is to leave no kid or toy behind RSVP ASAP (Military like font/lime green letters-really stood out on black and white page) (I punched a hole in the top of the invitation and put a white ribbon attached a green army guy to the invitation) I included 1 Toy story character card in each and 1 card with a movie ticket popcorn on front (These were decks of cards - easy to break up - fun for kids to discover in card)- we are showing all 3 Toy Story movies - popcorn etc 

Theme décor - I have a vinyl banner on top of front door Happy Birthday Olivia & Robert as well as themed items around front with balloons in theme colors on front gate (I also have card board posters of theme that stores are getting rid of they are high quality and unique touches to décor) Bouncy will be shaped like Bullseye with Woody riding Bullseye Tables will have white linen table cloths with Toy Story character images scattered throughout table top - cards-candy-small fun table toys will adorn tables keeping with the theme-crayons and brown paper for Mr. and Mrs. Potato head - just draw a shape of a potato on the paper and let the kids do the rest.or just cut shapes of potato heads shoes hands mouths hats etc with tape or glue they will figure it out- and leave around.

Birthday chairs will have special décor for woody and jessie themed chairs for Birthday boy and girl to sit only! Every child entering party will get a piece of cow print fabric to put around neck and a sheriff's badge boys - yellow satin ribbon girls for their hair like jessie's  (cow print is consistent in both woody and jessie costumes) Birthday Boy and Girl of honor will have full woody and jessie Disney costumes on with special red glitter jessie boots.

Toy Story 1 -cardboard town and rocket ship will be created on the other side of the bouncy along with toys that can be imagineered to go in and out of it - large empty boxes from you local Target etc.. Will do nicely-don't worry about any writing on box just cut them and invert them to inside with no writing then tape and cut as desired - use crayons and write sloppy mispelled titles on each box of western town etc. Use primary colors Red, yellow, blue like toy story movie logo with balloons streamers napkins plates etc.

Cake we did a Costco sheet cake - you can request that their dinosaur design be in all green to look like REX from Toy story  and then throw some action figures of Toy story on cake -buzz woody jessie etc much cheaper than buying cake toppers at bakery!  Games SHOOTN Gallery with water guns and plastic cups on a card board box is easy and fun to do Horse shoes plastic is safer for kids- they sell these at Walmart Target $10 or less. Create a lasso and have kids try to lasso an object like a rocking horse or a tree stump to test their skill.

Prospector gold mine.(pie pans) I did not want mess of sand or water on this one so I made a cardboard trough and painted small rock like pieces of card board gold for them to use their imaginations to pan for gold in the cardboard town the really cool thing about all the cardboard is that it is so cheap and easy to do - the kids love it! They create their own little world with it and you can even leave blank card board boxes and crayons out for them to decorate or sign for Birthday kids of honor.   We have the rest of the family wearing costumes to host party-I will be Gepetta the girl toy maker from the 2nd Toy Story the doll Dr. easy with a wig, bifocals, apron or pic any one of the many characters from the movies it really adds to it all.  Pinata - horse looks like bulls eye - Party City had it for $12 - filling with leftover Halloween candy goes a long way use in favor bags table décor etc. 

Find the Toy Box - I take a treasure chest (Toy Chest) and hide it in yard - you can lead the kids with clues or just let them run around to find it - inside load with candy toys etc just one more element of adventure..it is a blast! 

Toy Story Movie music playing throughout party Pizza - kids and lots of homemade Italian-French food for adults or whatever you like? 

Party favors - clear bags or paper bags-western look with candy-toy soldiers ($1)/bag at the dollar store-small playdough containers-Toy story character card-(deck of cards split) crayons-sheriff badges and misc. items 

Thank you cards - I usually take pics of the party and make a collage shrink to a 5x7 size and gives each guest back a story book memory of that special day - and then we can await next year's fabulous plans for the next great big party -

next month I will tell you what we did last year with our STAR WARS theme party IT ROCKED-people are still talking about that one just have to keep topping them off every year! All the best to each of you and best of luck with your parties..

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