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Titanic Party

Titanic Dinner Party -11yr- Kiss Jack Game




Sarah in Parksville, BC, Canada


March 2008


Special Mention

My friend Belle and I are totally obsessed with the movie Titanic, so we threw a Titanic sleepover.  It was my first no reason" party I photo-copied the boarding passes cut them out and glued them to a piece of cardstock. You could also make a ticket on the computer. I wrote: "RMS TITANIC  FIRST CLASS TICKET NUMBER: (#) PASSENGER NAME:  MS. (NAME) CABIN NUMBER:  (#).  YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO SARAH AND BELLE`S TITANIC DINNER PARTY AND SLEEPOVER.  THE SHIP SAILS FROM (YOU`RE NAME)`S PLACE AT 4 PM ON (DATE) AND ARRIVES AT IT`S DESTINATION 1 PM OF (DATE).  WEAR YOUR FINEST ATTIRE AND BRING A SLEEPING BAG PILLOW TOOTHBRUSH AND AN OLD WIDE-BRIMMED HAT. RSVP:  (YOUR PHONE #). (Add a fake cabin number and ticket number). 

DECORATIONS/PROPS:  We put my mom`s fancy lace table cloth on the dining room table (you can buy table cloths at the thrift store).  For a center piece we filled my Mom`s cut crystal bowl with water and floated a few tea lights in it. We served dinner on really fancy china and used all my Mom`s fancy old forks knifes and spoons to eat with.  We put the crackers and cheese on a serving plank and the olives in my Mom`s olive dish.  If you don`t have fancy dishes and table wear rade the thrift store they`re sure to have something.  At each table setting we placed a fancy looking menu stating the courses. 

To make the menu we typed RMS Titanic April 14 1912 in times new roman at the top typed menu in Antique on the next line and stated the 6 courses in Type upright we also added a white star line logo and a simple border.  The menus looked really professional and every one commented on them.  There was also a piece of homemade fudge wrappped in cellophane with "compliments of the white star line" and a name card at each place.  (see FOOD below).  On the coffee table which was to be the tea table we placed a small vase of roses combined with baby`s breath and ferns.  We served tea and cookies on the fancy dishes (see FOOD below).  We turned off most of lights and put candles and white twinkle lights all around the house.  We even had a plank of wood across the front steps as a gang-way.  We also had flower arrangements on most of the tables.

ACTIVITIES:  When all the guests arrived we had a tea party at the tea table (see FOOD below).  The tea party was sort of an ice breaker because my friends did not know Belle`s friends.  Then we decorated our hats.  We bought lots of silk flowers feathers netting fabric ribbons and other decorations and put everything on a table.  We  worked on our hats for an hour or so.  The girl who had the prettiest craziest hat won.  Next we ate dinner (see FOOD below).  My parents served dinner my Dad was a butler and  my Mom was a maid (see COSTUMES below). Then we played games (see GAMES below). After the games we set op our sleeping bags in the rec room and watched  the movie Titanic (the 1997 version).  Make sure you`re aloud to watch Titanic it`s rated 14-A in Canada and PG-13 in the US. We ate cheese popcorn and drank ginger-ale during the movie.  Then we just stayed up till 4 am dancing giving makeovers playing truth-or-dare and doing count-less other crazy things.  Trust me going crazy at 3 am is the funnest part of the whole party. 

GAMES:  Belle and I made up a lot of really silly games.  The first one was called kiss Jack (you know you want to).  We printed out a big picture of Leonardo Dicaprio and glued it onto to construction paper clothes (Leonardo Dicaprio plays Jack in the movie and he`s very handsome!!!).  Kiss Jack is sort of like pin the tale on the donkey.  Every one put on red lipstick was blind folded and one at a time had to kiss Jack as close to the lips as possible.  It was really funny! 

Then we played musical life boats.  We cut out cardboard boats (1 less then there were guests) and used poster paints to make look like life boats (don`t forget to add cardboard kick-stands so that they stand up).  We stood them up in a circle and everyone stood by one.  Then we put on the Titanic song by Celine Dion and danced around the boats. When the music stopped everyone tried to sit down by boat.  The person who didn`t have a boat was out.  We kept going until 2 people were dancing around one boat.  The last person in the game won. 

Then we played memories of Titanic.  For this game we had my Mom gather up 15 random objects such as jewelry letters books and tattered clothes and placed them on a large tray.  We told everyone that these were the remains that they'd found aboard the  wreck of titanic.  Then we let everyone look at the tray for 1 minute and try to memorize it.  Then we gave every one a sheet of paper with numbers 1-15 written on it along with a pen or pencil.  We covered up the tray with a hanker chief and gave every one 5 minutes to write down as many things as they could remember from the tray.  Whoever remembered the most won. 

Then we played is anyone alive out there?.  In one scene of the movie after the sinking a man is sitting in a life boat with a flash light yelling is any one alive out there?.  So for this game we had every one except one person lay down on the floor while the person still standing walked around and tried to make them laugh or talk.  If you laughed or talked you were alive and you had to get into the life boat and try to make others laugh.  The last person still dead wins ironic isn`t it?  For prizes we had jewelry and little boxes of fancy candy and chocolates.  We bought the jewelry on sale at Claires icing and ex-cetera stores.  Trust me those stores have crazy sales (like Claires has this rack of where you can buy 10 items for $5 and some of the stuff is originally priced $15!).  We also had old-fashioned rock candy sticks for secondary prizes. 

COSTUMES:  I dressed up as Rose from the movie and Belle dressed up as Jack.  I wore my finest dress a beaded shawl and really fancy jewelry.  Belle wore tattered pants a button-up shirt and suspenders and she wore a wig of short boys` hair.  It was really hilarious to see Belle dressed like a boy!  My Mom wore a lacey maid's dress and my dad wore a tux!  We bought most of the costumes at the thrift store (the thrift store is the best place on earth for old-fashioned costumes!!!).  We told all the guests to come in their fanciest clothes. 

FOOD:  For dinner we had a fancy 6-course meal.  1st course:  Garlic bread 2nd course: leak and potato soup 3rd course: Roast beef with mashed potatoes gravey and cooked carrots 4th course:  Caesar salad with parmesan bacon and croutons 5th course: Your choice of ice cream with a swirl of whipped cream and grated chocolate or crème brule.  6th course: gourmet crackers cheddar cheese and olives.  For drinks we served ginger ale in champagne glasses.  For the tea party we had iced tea with lemon circles served in my Mom`s fancy tea pot and sugar cookies served on a fancy plate.  For help-your-self munchies we had salt and pepper flavored crinkle chips more sugar cookies and more iced tea. 

CAKE:  At our party we did not have a cake but you could.   To keep with the fancy atmosphere you could make or buy a black forest cake with whipped cream chocolate swirls and cherrys.  Or you could go all out and make a titanic-shaped cake (do not ask me how!).   Favors:  The little pieces of fudge at the dinner table were the favor.   This party is sure to be as memorable as the collision it`s self!    "

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