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Titanic Party

Titanic Party






Feb. 2004



TITANIC 16th PARTY - A formal affair. Everyone is to dress up like a certain character from the Titanic. There will be a murder mystery game for an activity, changed to fit the Titanic atmosphere.

The dinner is the most important part - SUPER fancy. At each table setting, there will be a little sachet of potpourri, along with a little box of chocolates wrapped up nicely with "compliments of the white star line" written on them. We will be served by "waiters" (friends, family) and there will be TONS of candles EVERYWHERE.

Tulle, white roses, ribbon, very fancy affair.The invitations - bought envelopes, printed names in fancy font on them, and printed out little white star line symbols on the back just like from the real Titanic.

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