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Tinkerbell Party

Tinkerbell Party 1yr - Pirate Ship Watermelon




Elva in Diamond Bar, CA USA


September 2005


Honorable Mention

I had my daughter a first birthday Tinkerbell party. 

First I sent out invitations I made myself from Tinkerbell Letterhead (from the Disney store) that read "All you need is faith and trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust.  Jasmine invites all pirates and pixies to a Tinkerbell Adventure Party to celebrate her First birhtday.  Enchantment Date: (the date), Second Star to The Right At:  (our address) and asked them to RSVP to Peter Pan or Wendy and then our phone #"  I addressed them to "Pixie Brianna" or "Pirate Joseph" and I bought very fine glitter powder and placed it in the invitations. 

My daughter had just been Tinkerbell for Halloween so I had her wear her costume again and I have friend whose son is 1 month older and he had been Peter Pan so I asked her to bring him dressed too.  I wore a Tinkerbell t-shirt ($6.00 at Target) and my husband wore a pirate bandana (oriental trading company). 

For the decorations I downloaded black & white images from Peter Pan for free off the internet and took them to Kinko's to have enlarged to about 3 feet.  Then I colored them in, cut them out and glued them to cardboard and used a wooden stake to place them on our front and back lawn! They looked life-size to the kids and they took pictures with them all day.  Coloring them in with Markers worked the best… I had Tinkerbells, Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael, a pirate ship the alligator and Captain Hook.  These looked GREAT! 

Then I bought each little girl a Tinkerbell tulle skirt (about $2.50 ea. On E-bay) and we spinkled them with "Pixie Dust". For the boys I bought skulls and crossbones bandanas and eye patches.  As the girls arrived they got their pixie skirts and the boys got their bandanasand eye patches. 

We decorated a buffet table in the backyard in a pirate theme (she has lots of boy cousins and we wanted to make it a gender-friendly party) and we had a sign I made on the computer that read "AAAAAARGHH mateys, eat this food or walk the plank soon"  At the head of the buffet we had a menu which read "Hook's Hamburgers, Tink's Links, (hot dogs), Veggie Dubloons, Pixie Punch, Fairy's Fruit Salad, Bucaneer Baked Beans etc."   We decorated it with a brown fish net draped from the wall onto the table and bought dried starfish and sea shells, Captain Hook's hook, bandanas and pirate music. 

My sister made a pirate ship out of a watermelon and she used skewers with paper for the mast.  She said it was relatively easy!  We set the food up to be buffet style and that worked out well.  Inside, we decorated with Teal, green and purple with streamers, balloons and all of the Tinkerbell things I could find.  Her grandma bought her a Tinkerbell cake which matched the plates and table cloths and she bought a Tink figurine from the Disney store to place on top.  I had a picture of my daughter from Halloween dressed as Tink and framed it and placed it on the cake table for everyone to see.  Grandma found a "tick-tocking" alligator on e-bay for about $10 and we placed it on the cake table too! 

For the centerpieces I bought 5 Tinkerbell Barbie size dolls from the Disney store (about $7.00 each) and my aunt took them to her florist and and they made beautiful floral centerpieces which we later raffled. 

For games, we did pin the Star on Tink's Wand (I made the Tinkerbell for this game from a black/white coloring book page that I had enlarged at Kinkos.  I colored it in and bought large yellow stickers for the kids to use to place on the end of her wand!), a treasure hunt which was the treasure chest pinata that we broke (I also bought a Tink pinata since we had lots of kids and in it I placed very fine glitter dust and confetti!)

In the grab bags I gave each little girl some Tink stickers, treasure chcocolate candies, gummy stars, Pixie Dust (I made the pixie dust with edible glitter in little clear containers and I made a label on the computer that said "pixie dust"),  Tink pencils, Tink bubbles (I made these too out of plain white bubble containers and then I placed a Tink sticker on it) and assorted goodies. 

For the boys we did pirate grab bags with a plastic compass, telescope, pirates map and gummy fish, with goodies.  At the end we had a raffle for the center pieces as well as a Tinkerbell cookie jar filled with cookies that Grandma had made. 

This was a LARGE birthday party and it went quite well with help from designated adults.

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