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Tinkerbell Party

Tinkerbell & Pirate -4yr- Photo Backdrop




Christi in Conway, AR, USA


November 2010


Special Mention

My youngest daughter wanted Tinkerbell for her 4th birthday party. We went with more of the Neverland ideas than just the newer fairy party and that included boys that were invited so they could be pirates.

INVITATIONS: I created my own invites on my computer on a printshop program. Took pictures of my daughter in her Tinkerbell costume in a sassy pose and photoshopped it into a color picture of all the characters from Peter Pan I found on the internet. This was the front of the invitaion- in a postcard type format, just front & back. The back of the invite said Think of the happiest things it's the same as having wings... Come fly with us to ____'s 4th Birthday Party! The magic starts at 10:30 am on _______________. Getway to Neverland is ___________.  You provide the faith & trust we'll provide the pixie dust! RrrrSVP by phone or text to _______." There was another picture of my daughter on back a close up of her looking into her hands & I photoshopped in a small Tinkerbell that looked like it was sitting in her hands.I had some leftover envelopes that were the perfect size in green & we used Tinkerbell stickers to close them on the back. 

DECORATIONS: The party was held in our Church's Family Life Center which is a large gym with a stage. On the stage I set up a huge priate ship backdrop that I had painted on large sheets of styrofoam to make a backdrop about 8 x 28 feet. It covered almost the entire back of the stage. I was like you were standing in the ship with the water to the sides & included some of the sky with clouds. There were two large strofoam pieces that were carved & painted that came out from the backdrop that formed the railing of the ship. I also had a 4 foot Captain Hook cut out of wood & painted as well as a Peter Pan that we stood in front of the backdrop. I had a Tinkerbell that was about 2 1/2 feet tall that we hung at the top of the backdrop like she was flying over the ship. In between Peter & Hook there was a treasure chest overflowing with beads chocolate coins & candy.

Coming down the steps of the stage over on the side was our Mermaid Lagoon. I took a blue sheet that I billowed up to look like water cascading down the steps & added some mermaid Barbie dolls. Behind was a "map" of Neverland. The "water" spilled into a plastic blue kiddie pool that was filled with blue shredded paper. Under the paper there were all sorts of rings whistles stickers etc. As you came in the door I had a poster board sign on an easel that was decked out in Tinkerbell stickers & ribbon with the birthday girls name & balloons attached.

Past the sign was a table that I had hung a Tinkerbell bed canopy. The type that is like a small tent at the top with netting that comes down. It surrounded the back & sides of the table. On the table I had a large Tinkerbell doll & the costumes/favors for the party guests. The girls received green Tinkerbell wings ($ store) wands ($store) & green tulle skirts (I made). For the boys- a pirate hat hook & eye patch (all from $store). The guests received these when they first arrived. I had large round tables set up with green tablecloths & various Tinkerbell & Peter Pan toys from home as the centerpieces. Also had Tinkerbell confetti spread on the tables & a huge Tinkerbell balloon attached to the birthday girls chair. There was a Tinkerbell banner that said "Happy 4th Birthday __________" with balloons on either side hanging over the food table.

FOOD: Butter cookies with green icing Chex Mix Pretzels & party mix in green pink & blue bowls; grapes & fruit; cupcakes on glass platters & a cupcake stand; lime sherbert & sprite punch in a crystal punchbowl Tinkerbell plates & napkins in purple & green(on clearance at Target). The birthday girl just wanted cupcakes so I did: strawberry cupcakes with white buttercream icing with green fondant Tinkerbell shoes sprinkled with clear sugar sprinkles; chocolate cupcakes with white buttercream icing & small fondant 'hooks'(red fondant sleeve 2 yellow icing buttons white fondant ruffle silver fondant hook); and yellow cupcakes with white icing and green fondant alligators. (I made all the fondant figures earlier in the week!)

ACTIVITES/COSTUMES: As the kids arrived we dressed them in the Tinkerbell wings tulle skirts & wands for girls or pirate hat hook & eye patch for boys. I had some extras so even the older siblings could dress up & not feel left out. (14 girls & 4 boys total) Then the kids could color Peter Pan coloring sheets or jump in the small bounce house. When everyone arrived we took a large group picture. My husband also dressed up as a pirate. He was less Captain Hook & more Jack Sparrow but the kids all thought he was cool.

My older daughter dressed up as Tiger Lily the Indian from the Peter Pan story. I was going to dress as either Wendy or a pirate but the birthday girls wanted me to "just be a Mommy" so I just wore jeans & a Tinkerbell shirt! Daddy the pirate took all the kids onto the ship & let them go up one at a time & grab something from the treasure chest before Captain Hook got them. They each could get a necklace chocolate gold coin & Tinkerbell candy (large bag of Tinkerbell pinata candy from WalMart).

Then they went to Mermaid Lagoon & could dig around in the 'water' for other treasures (themed stickers rings whistles etc. from large Tinkerbell party favor bag from WalMart). We provided Tinkerbell bags to hold all their 'loot'. Then we opened gifts & ate. The rest of the time was just free play. Didn't plan too many activites because mostly 3 & 4 year olds but they all seemed to love it. They played more around the ship & lagoon and didn't pay as much attention to the jumpy. Received lots of compliments & was a enjoyable party!

THANK YOU NOTES: Included the group picture in the Tinkerbell themed thank you notes.  Thanks to this great website for all the great ideas!!"

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