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Tinkerbell Party

Tinker Bell/Lost Boys -3yr- Pixies & Lost Boys




Bobbi in Magnolia, DE USA


July 2009


Special Mention

For my daughter's 3rd birthday party she wanted it to be Tinker Bell.  I loved the idea, so using this website I was able to create a great party. 

Invitations:For the girl invitations, I folded card stock in half and using a star stencil, I cut out the majority of the star shape leaving an uncut end so that the star would open up like a card.  I attached each star to a lollipop stick (found at micheal's).  I also made mini bags of pixie dust (glitter wrapped in plastic wrap, then wrapped in tulle, and tied by ribbon).  I attached the pixie dust to the lollipop stick with super glue.  And the inside of her invite read With just a sprinkle of this dust Attend XXX's birthday party you must!"  I then included the time and place "Pixie Hollow" (aka XX's house). 

The boys invites were different.  I purchased card stock that looked like an old map at AC Moore.  I also purchased transparency paper. I ran the clear transparent paper through the printer with the party information on it.  It read Calling All Lost Boys. A great adventure awaits in Neverland for thee Where our Pixie xxx is now turning threeSay nothing of this gathering least Hook should overhear For if he shows he'll ruin the grandest party of the year!I cut both the card stock and clear paper into 4x6 cards. I attached the clear paper on top of the maplike paper using rusty looking star brads.  I then over the kitchen sink and very carefully used a match to burn the edges of each invite to look as if the invite was an old scroll or treasure. 

Decorations:For the party itself I decorated with tinkerbell plates and tableclothes and balloons.

Costumes:  As each child arrived they were greeted and taking into our "transformation station." (this was our living room parents were invited too)  The girls became pixies.  I had purchased enough fairy skirts wings and wands (I used glitter glue to write each girl's name on their own wand) for each girl (I found the skirts and wings at the Dollar tree and foam wands at Micheal's).  The girls were also given the opportunity to have their nails painted Purple we used a blow dryer to quicken this activity.  Tinker Bell tatoos were also available. 

The boys were also transformed into the Lost Boy pirates.  Each boy was given a pirate hat with their name written with glitter glue an eye patch and bandana (this was a set at the Dollar tree).  The boys were also given foam swords (found at Target a buck each) and i did write their name on their sword too to avoid confusion.  The boys could also get pirate tatoos!!

Activities: Once the children were transformed we gathered them outside and we were greeted by Capt. Hook! (my nephew rented a suit from our local Party store) He greeted the children and let them know that he had a message for them.  Before the party I collected empty 2 liter soda bottles and removed their label.  And inside the bottle that Hook held revealed to the children that the treasure hunt was to begin it also gave the first clue to the first treasure.  I made the clues and hiding places very easy because the age group was mostly 3-5 year olds. 

Our treasure boxes (we made 3) were printer paper boxes spray painted brown sealed with silver tape.  In the 1st box the treasure was rings and bracelets for the girls (i bought and put the girl's treasure in  butterfly party bags from dollar store so that i knew the girls would be separated in the box from the boys and this way too i knew that each child would receive the same amount)and the boys received coins and spider rings  their treasure was done in individual bags too pirate bags found at dollar store. 

Another 2 liter bottle was in the treasure box and Capt Hook read the riddle to find treasure box no. 2.  This box was filled with candy treasure and i used individual party bags too just too make it easier and fair.  This box also contained a 2 Liter bottle in which HOOK read to find the final treasure.  Once this treasure box was found and before showing its treasure Hook read that this box was different. 

The clue in the bottle gave directions for the kids next activity "Pixie Tag."  Hook read the directions on how to play. The box included individual party bags each full of glitter.  The children played "freeze tag" pixie style.  Once a child became frozen like a normal game of freeze tag another player could use their pixie dust (aka their glitter) to unfreeze them.  This game was really fun and the girls looked especially cute playing due to their pixie costumes!!  After the game it was time for food!!

Party snacks: I made turkey and cheese  & pb & j sandwiches i cut them into star shapes using a cookie cutter.  I also cut melons into star shapes and put them and grapes on several shish kobob sticks and stuck them into styrofoam inside a clay plant pot these were my center pieces!!!  They were time consuming but turned out adorable and quick to grab.  We also served pretzel rods that i rolled into melted chocolate and sprinkles they were to represent fairy wands!! For the adults i served pork bbq and chix salad along with chocolate covered strawberries!!

Cake: I made the cake using a tinker bell cake pan it turned out great!!  After the food we did gifts and played outside on playset and trampoline. We set up a plank using a few 2x4's and cement blocks.  We placed a large stuffed alligator under the plank! I also set up a table with the stuff to make fruit loops necklaces.

Favors: each child could take their costume and wand/sword.  I also bought each child a clay pot labeled on the outside with their name.  I bought potting soil at the dollar store and put a scoop into an individual party bag one for each child.  The dirt fit perfectly in bottom of the pot.  In each pot on top of the dirt I put a packet of sunflower seeds bubbles and candy necklaces.  The girls received tinker bell pencils and pencil bags and the boys received water guns and balls!  The party was wonderful!! It was slighty pricey and time consuming but in the end it was well worth it!!!!  "

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