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Tie Dye Party

Tie-Dye -11yr- Tie Dye Sandles




Sara in Quincy IL  USA


July 2005



For my daughter's 11th birthday we did a tie-dye theme.  We had about 12 girls - including my daughter. 

For the invitations I purchased tie-dyed bandanas of various colors and with a permanent marker wrote out the invite.  We mailed them in colorful bubble envelopes. The girls needed to RSVP with their shoe size and to remember to bring the invitation with them to the party. 

After I got the shoe sizes - I purchased inexpensive flip flops for each girl.  I also had white t-shirts printed with "Haley's 11th Birthday Party" on the back of each shirt. When the girls arrived they chose the design they would like to use for their tie-dyed shirts and wrapped them with rubber bands (Family Fun had a great explanation).  Then they received an old t-shirt of mine to put on over their clothes and went outside and tie-dyed their shirts with a variety of colors.  I laid them out on plastic grocery sacks with names to dry.

They came back in and made t-shirt magnets out of moldable clay.  You do this by cutting small strips out of different colors of clay and have the girls choose 2 different colors.  They twist the colors together and flatten it out.  With a knife, cut the clay out in shape of t-shirt and bake according to clay directions.  When done, secure magnet to back with glue gun. 

We then got the bandanas together (the ones used for the invites) plus extra ones I had purchased and had the girls cut them into 1" strips.  We placed all the strips into a basket and passed out the flip flops.  Taking turns, the girls picked out the colors they wanted from the strips cut and tied them onto their flip flops.  It took about 1 1/2 bandanas for each pair of flip flops.  The girls loved this! 

I had baked a tie-dye t-shirt cake and had tri-colored sherbet.  The cake was made from a 9x13 cake pan, cutting the top 1/3 off.  Use the top as sleeves on side of shirt and cut a small "u" shape at top to resemble opening of t-shirt.  Using spray icing I made tie-dye swirls ontop of already iced caked (in white).

In the morning the girls had breakfast and they found a "web" of yarn in the back yard.  Each girl found the end to one strand of yard and had to follow their piece of yarn around the web until the other end was found.  Attached to the other end was a goodie bag filled with candy. We then came in and washed out the shirts.  They took home their shirts, shoes, magnets and goodie bag.  The girls loved it and they love wearing their t-shirts and shoes!

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