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Thomas Tank Engine

Thomas Tank Engine -3yr- Train Hot Potato




Heather in Greenfield, WI  USA


July 2001


Special Mention

For my son Madison's 3rd birthday party, he wanted a Thomas the tank engine party. 

The invitations were a flyer that I created on Power Point, by creating a picture of Thomas out of using basic shapes, it turned out perfectly.  The invite read, Peep! Peep! Madison's turning 3, and your invited to chug on over for the celebration, (Date), (Time), held at the (last name) rail station, Please RSVP to Sir and Lady Hat at (phone #).

We decorated with balloons, by filling them with a disposable helium tank, Thomas table cloths, Thomas streamers, banners, some homemade train signs.

For the gift opening we made up some cards with stickers of the different Thomas and friend characters, we gave one card to each family, then we wrote the names of all the characters on another set of cards and had Madison pull a name out of the stack and whoever had the matching card, that's who's present he opened. 

Everyone was sitting in a circle and Madison went up to them, opened their present and thanked them immediately, It was much more personable, and the family's got to see his reaction to their presents. 

Next were the games and we played "hot train", just like "hot Potato", to the music of the Thomas the tank soundtrack playing in the CD player, the kids stood in a circle and passed the train, when the music stopped whoever was holding the train was out.

Every child received a present for every game, but the winner got an extra prize. Next we played Pin the Nose on James, which I made from poster board and card stock. The final game was Thomas Bingo which can be purchased anywhere you find the Thomas party theme supplies. 

Madison chose Tacos for his birthday dinner, so I made toot toot tacos, chugga chugga cornbread muffins, ring a ding rice, refried beans, and various side dishes were put out earlier for snacks, we enjoyed taco dip, cinnamon sticks, veggies and dip, chips and salsa, and the kids favorite; train shaped Jell-O jigglers. 

After dinner I had a special treat for the kids, I filled a huge balloon (40") bought from the local party store with child's play candy mix, licorice, and dots.  I had the kids stand on one end of the yard, and when I popped the balloon the kids ran to fill their bags. 

Finally we had cake and ice cream.  For the cake I made two circle cakes (one chocolate, and one yellow), and by notching a small semi-circle out of one, put them side by side to resemble a figure eight track, frosted them completely with white frosting, then placed two small bowls, one on each of the circle cakes, then you sprinkle down chocolate cookie crumbs to be your track, remove the bowls and  coconut colored with green food coloring to resemble grass on the circle spots on top of the cake, and around the sides of the cake. Use black licorice to make a train track on top of the cookie crumbs, and add your favorite train characters to the track; we used Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel. For the Ice Cream we just had Vanilla, and let Madison pick out another flavor at the store. 

When the children left the each took a Thomas balloon, and their gift bags which included a wooden train whistle, Thomas stickers, Thomas coloring book, and blow out.

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