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Formal Dinner Party  -  Candles in the Room




Amy in Wales


May 2008



For this, only two people will be joining me. As they arrive, they will be offered cocktails, chocolates and given a red rose. When they both have arrived, we will be taken into the Restaurant.

As we enter the room, there will be lots of candles lit, flowers decorating the room, and the table set out- A posh looking tablecloth, 3 placemats and 3 drinks mats, cutlery, wine glasses, sprinkled with confetti, golden chocolate coins scattered around, a posh centrepiece such as flowers or candles etc.

Our 'waiter' (Probably one of my parents) will take us to our seats, one by one, pulling them out for us to sit on. Then, my Mum will come to the table with a tea towel over her arm (Like a real waiter) and pour our drinks (Hopefully, punch) in the glasses already set out.

She will then, fill the glasses with ice and put the basket of breadsticks in the middle of the table. Mum will then leave and my Dad will enter, with the first course- Melon. He will give us our bowls of melon, then leave to prepare the second course. Once we have finished that, he will enter again with our second course- (Not yet chosen).

Once again, this will happen. Taking our empty dishes and bringing on the next course. Once we have finished our meal, we will sit and wait for my birthday cake to be brought in.

They will then sing Happy Birthday and I will cut the cake. We will then probably change into our pyjamas, and watch a movie while our stomachs settle. Hopefully, this well help you with some ideas for your party! :)

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