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Superhero Party Snacks

Penguin Party Chips

The food was all named to the theme as well.  We had Poison Ivy Punch; It was green punch and I frozen some plastic ivy in a Jell-O mold to float in the punch. 

We had Penguin Party Chip and Dip; I turned a plastic top hat upside down and put the chips in it and had a pair of white gloves and a cigar I placed by the dip.  We had catwoman claws which were Buggles that could be put on their fingers like claws. 

We had two face peanut butter & jelly sandwiches; half the sandwich had peanut butter the other half had jelly.

Doc Oct Dogs

You can cut the end of a hot dog to make 8 tentacles and when the hot dogs are boiled, the ends curl up to resemble an octopus. 

Along with this we had Cole slaw and chips.  We also served Spiderman Power Punch, which is red Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and pineapple sherbet.  We also added Green Goblin Juice, which is green Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and lime sherbet. 

I made cards with the food titles and set these up in front of each item.

Spider Crackers

For snacks we did Spider Pretzels. This was really easy and my daughter loved helping prepare for the party.

You get two round crackers (like Ritz), smooth peanut butter, pretzel sticks and the mini M & M's (or any other small candy or you could use raisins) spread peanut butter on both of the crackers, place 4 pretzel sticks on each side (for legs) and the put the two crackers, peanut butter on the inside together.  Add small amounts of peanut butter where the eyes go and top with the mini M & M's.


Spiderman's Power Juice

On the computer we made labels that were round with spider webs on them and put Spiderman on the web and taped to a pitcher.  We used red and green Hawaiian Punch. On the Red Hawaiian Punch we labeled it "Spiderman's Power Juice" and on the Green Hawaiian Punch we labeled it "Green Goblin's Power Juice". Needless to say the red was the favorite.

Superhero Picnic Foods
We ate chicken drummets, macaroni and tuna salad, pigs in the blanket, baked beans, chips and dip, prezetels, pickles, olives, turkey and cheese sandwich wraps, ham and cheese sandwich wraps, cheese and vegetable tray and punch.

Themed Food

We also had themed food.  It was: "Mr. Freeze's Punch" (Ice Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid), "Two Face's Party dip"(chips and dip\tortilla chips and salsa), "Hobgoblins" hot dogs and "Superman" ice cream!

Penguin Pizza Pups

All Super Heroes need to keep up their energy with good food.  We had Two Face Dip- 2 different dips, Penguin Pizza Pups- hot dogs, pepperonis, and cheese stick wrapped in French bread dough served with pizza sauce for dipping, and Mr. Freeze Slushes- punch that we let come just to freezing. 

I printed out picture of the characters with the name of the item printed next to them. They were folded and set next to the item.

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