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The Pirate Party

Pirate Party

Shiver me timbers! Ahoy ye hearties and avast thy chase for a booty of pirate party ideas are right here on this site which marks the X. For all sea dog pirates who are searching for party idea treasures for their young swashbuckler, look no further. For here lies the Pirate Party Ideas shared by parents from around the world!

Are you ready to transform your home into a family fun Caribbean port and your backyard into a pirate ship? Pirate parties only come once in a lifetime and you want to make it one that your little pirate will remember forever.

All the ideas you need for a perfect pirate party are divided into sections for invitations, decorations, activities, games, costumes, favors, party snacks and cake. Read through the ideas and use the ones that work for you!

Pirate party invitations can be a treasure map, a treasure chest, or  a Jolly Roger flag with a scull and crossbones.  Just be sure to make them really special by using a fancy font, or calligraphy.  Be sure to give the start time, end time, date and location of your pirate adventure.

Invitation Ideas

Pirate Party Invitations

Set the mood for your party with great decorations like a Jolly Roger flag flying on a ship’s mast, some some old wooden signs pointing to the Caribbean or a banner over the drive saying “landlubber beware”.  Cover the party table in black or red and accent with streamers, balloons and confetti.    If your really ambitious you can create a pirate ship out of some large appliance boxes for a special play area just for the party.

Invitation Ideas

Pirate Party Decorations


Sometimes the memories are even more special when guests get to take home the artwork that they’ve created themselves at the party.  Whether they make treasure maps or decorate treasure chests, it will be something special that helps them remember and share their event with others.  

Invitation Ideas

Pirate Party Activities

What pirate party is complete without some pirate games like a treasure hunt?  Games like walk the plank, pin the eye-patch on the pirate, or a cannonball toss, add excitement to the party and provide a time for everyone to interact. 

Invitation Ideas

Pirate Party Games

A pirate party just isn’t the same without all the pirates dressed in their buccaneer outfits.  Being shipwrecked and marooned at the party really requires the right outfit and the magic of pirate costumes makes the party special.

Invitation Ideas

Pirate Costume

Don’t forget snacks and drinks for all of your buccaneer guests.   Certainly snacks and drinks that prevent scurvy are always top of the list, but sometimes it’s best to incorporate some healthy vegetable snacks while providing a pirate dip.

Invitation Ideas

Pirate Snacks and Refreshments

Although any pirate cake will do, a pirate’s ship cake is popular with those who like to bake.  For those who prefer a simple and less complicated treat, individual cupcakes and ice cream in individual cupcake liners can reduce the mess of serving princess treats under pressure. 

Invitation Ideas

Pirate Cake

Party favors are loved by everyone and say thank you for coming.  In fact, adding a thank you to every favor bag, or sending a thank you out after a party is always polite and appreciated gesture.

Invitation Ideas

Pirate Party Favor

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