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Luau Party Costumes

Hawaiian Names

For name tags, I found the Hawaiian translations of all of the children. It's a great source because it even had translations of obscure names (such as Devon and Tamara)that I could not find on other websites.

I then bought a pack of "Hello, my name is ____" name tags at Office Depot. I found clip art with a palm tree and sunset, and cut and pasted one on the left side of each name tag. My daughter then wrote the Hawaiian names on each tag (and the English names very small on the back of each tag so we could keep track).

I purchased kiddie-size hula skirts (the biggest expenditure), orchid-like leis and flower combs from Oriental Trading for the girls, and cute pirate hats and leis for the boys from a souvenir-type store.

Hula Skirts & Pirate Hats

We had luau music (bought from Oriental Trading) playing on our CD player, and we had a children's instructional hula video playing on our big screen TV (with muted sound initially). (The video was rented from the local library, and I located it by going online to our library's website and had it transferred to my local branch from a more distant branch).

When the kids arrived, each received a hula skirt or pirate hat, a flower comb (girls) and their Hawaiian name tag. Each put them on and then the girls learned the hula dance (3 separate dances) from the video, while the boys played an inflatable dolphin ring toss game.


Hawaiian Outfits

Attire: for the 4 of us, I purchased matching Hawaiian outfits from the Disney catalog last summer.  My husband and son wore the matching Hawaiian shirts with white shorts and my daughter and I wore the same print matching sundresses.  We received many compliments on our matching Hawaiian outfits!  

At our welcome table, each child received a Hawaiian lei, Hawaiian flower hair clip for girls and bright color sunglasses for the boys.  We also had nametags available for all where they could look up their name in Hawaiian and write it on their nametag. 

The Hawaiian name binder was well received and the kids enjoyed looking up their name. I found the names on alohafriends website and put the print out of all names into a clear binder. I took some loose Hawaiian petals and decorated the exterior of the binder with the flowers so looked very festive and pretty. I put a label on the binder that said, look up your Hawaiian name.  

Music: purchased several Hawaiian music and party music CD's to add to the atmosphere.

Hawaiian Skirts

Kid Hawaiian skirts – I purchased one dozen kid size hula skirts which I thought would be fun for the kids to play dress up with while at the party.  My brother figured out how to put the kid skirts around a tree with rope and then put a paper clip to hold each skirt onto the rope.

The skirts looked so nice and colorful around the tree.  The kids quickly caught on to the idea of putting on the skirts so this was a big hit and they took turns wearing them.

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