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Teddy Bear Party

Build-A-Bear Sleepover -8yr- Pin Heart On Teddy




Patty in Phoenix, Arizona   U.S.A.


Nov 2002


Special Mention

For my daughter's 8th birthday, we had a Teddy Bear Sleepover party. My daughter loves Build-A-Bear workshop, and this was a great place to start her party.  We invited 5 girls because that is what we could fit in the van.  The invitations and Thank you cards we printed from their web site(www.buildabear.com).  Since it is a long drive to and from Build-A-Bear, I printed out some Teddy Bear coloring pages and brought some crayons. 

My daughter made up a game for the ride home.  The girls put all of their bears in their "home" (the box given to them to carry the bears in) and in the center of the van.  The birthday girl was "it".  She would close her eyes and the bears were mixed around.  "It" would describe a bear, and with her eyes closed would try to pick up the bear which she described.  Everyone would then close their eyes.  If she picked up the wrong one, then she would describe the bear she got, and have the other people guess which bear she got.  Whoever guesses the right bear is then "it".  They played this for a while, and we had a CD with a song on it that all the girls liked.  They played this song and sang to it a number of times. 

When we got home, the girls went on a hunt for their treat bags which included plastic cups they would use for supper.  We had pizza for supper with party punch. 

Then we played "Find the Fifty" a game we saw on a web site.  I made up a Teddy Bear story in 50 words.  Then cut out each word and numbered it.  Then I hid the fifty pieces of paper.  The girls found the fifty words and put the story together. 

Then we played put the Heart on the Teddy Bear (like pin the tail on the donkey).  We had a Teddy Bear contest.  I made up certificates for the following categories:  Biggest Bear, Smallest Bear, Cuddliest Bear, Twin Bear(looks like the owner), Most Colorful Bear, and Softest Bear.  The girls had to vote on which bear should receive which award. 

We decorated white pillowcases with fabric markers and paint.  (Prior to the party, I ironed on some decorations - it would have been great to have some Teddy bear iron-on's but I used what I had on hand).  The girls played outside with their Teddy Bears, and played Flashlight tag.  After a while, we had cake and ice cream and opened gifts. 

Then we had a Teddy Bear relay.  My daughter and I cut Teddy bear faces out of cardboard.  The girls were divided in two lines.  The first person in each line received 2 faces.  They had to go around a chair and go back to the beginning of the line and only step on the 2 faces. 

Then, they played "Catch the Balloon"(found this game on a web site), the girls were in a circle and numbered off.  The birthday girl is in the center and "it".  "It" holds a balloon and calls out a number while dropping the balloon to the floor.  The girl with the number tries to get the balloon before it touches the floor.  If the girl does not get the balloon, she is then "it".  They played this a few times, and decided it was better to play volleyball with the balloon! 

The girls then got in their sleeping bags and watched a movie (Disney's Country Bears would have been great, but it was not out on video yet!).  My daughter decided on Chex Mix in place of popcorn!  The next morning, the girls had cinnamon rolls and milk for breakfast. 

Then they played Hilarious Teddy Bear, Dad held the Teddy Bear and dropped it.  While the Teddy Bear was in the air, the girls laughed, they had to stop when the Bear touched the ground.  Of course, dad had to goof around with the bear a little! 

After that, they played the toilet paper game.  We split the girls into groups of three.  2 of the girls wrapped one of the girls in toilet paper.  Of course, each one of the girls took turns being wrapped.  And the party wasn't over until Dad got wrapped up by all of the girls!  We still had other games and crafts we were not able to do, but I know all of the girls had fun.

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