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Teddy Bear Party

Teddy Bear Picnic -1yr- Stuffed Bear Invite




Monica in Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA


March 2002


Honorable Mention

For my son's first birthday party we had a Teddy Bear Picnic Party. 

For the invite: In a small box, I mailed cute small stuffed bear (which I purchased at a local craft store for $1.00 each) The bear held a scroll invite (I created the invite on my computer), which was tied with a red ribbon.

The invite said, " Cameron's 1st Birthday Teddy Bear Picnic Party. The time has come to have some fun, for our sweet Cameron is turning one.  And don't for get your teddy bear, to join us in the day we'll share.   

As the guests arrived, we placed all bears on a chair near the door.  Each child and adult won 1st place prize ribbon for a unique bear character. (Ribbons were made with gold sticker and ribbon, I wrote on the gold sticker, fuzziest bear, happiest bear, cutest bear, and so on) 

On our dining room table: We had red and white checkered picnic table cloth, basket of apples, draped with grapes, stuffed bears here and there, and pictures of our son. Crackers and cheese, and snacks were served.  Kids ate chicken nuggets with honey and teddy bear graham crackers. 

Projects for the kids: We had a playdough station with bear cookie cutters and rolling pins. Also, a decorate your own teddy bear t-shirt station. I had a friend do face painting too.  I played the auto-harp and sung songs with all the children. 

For adults:  I placed a few bear stickers on the bottom of some beverage cups for door prizes (red votive candles).We gave a prize to those who told a bear story to the children (Goodnight Moon, The Three Bears). 

We had a bear box time capsule with paper and envelopes.  We asked everyone to write a special something to Cameron and choose a date in the future for him to open. Example, open when you are 5, When you are 16, When you go to college) 

Cake:  I had a friend make a stand up bear cake (for our son to eat), and a sheet cake for everyone else to eat. 

Favors for kids:  In a brown paper bag I decorated with a bear stamp and wrote each child's name. Inside, I placed a ball of home made playdough, bear cookie cutter, and playdough recipe (I printed recipe on business cards and placed a magnet on back).  It said,  Beary Good Playdough In a saucepan combine; (Works best in double boiler) 2 cups flour 1 cup salt 4 tsp. cream of tartar Add: 2 cups water Several drops of food coloring 2 tbs. vegetable oil Cook over medium heat Stirring constantly, til mixture forms a ball.  Cool slightly, then Knead til smooth.  Store in tightly covered container. Thanks for coming to my party Love, Cameron  Also, we placed in bag bear stickers and a children's Songs tape, I taped on blank cassettes.  

Favors for adults:  I bought tiny wooden baskets,  I glued it with red ribbon. Then, I placed Hershey's Hugs and Kisses chocolates and wrote, "Hugs and Kisses Love Cameron.  On top of the kisses I had a small magnet picture of our son sitting with all his teddy bears. 

Party was a hit!  Everyone loved the invites and his special day. All the time and preparation was worth it!  Monica

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