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Teddy Bear Party

Teddy Bear Picnic -2yr- Teddy Bear Sandwiches




Debbie in Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada


June 2001


Special Mention

Teddy Bear Picnic Party - 2 year old 

Well I started out with the teddy theme on my invitations. I had my daughter dressed up in Winnie the Pooh clothing and then I set one of her lawn chairs up with Teddy bears all around it, including a picnic basket with teddies coming out of it!  I put a sign on the wall behind her that said "Look Who's Turning Two" and I had her hold a sign that said "Your Invited"!!

I then took a pile of pictures! I purchased teddy bear cards that were little cardboard picture frames and I inserted a picture of my little girl in each one, we then did up a picture on the computer of the Teddy Bear Picnic and pasted that inside the card with all the party information. 

Then for the big day we rented a hall (6.82/hour) we used indoor/outdoor green turf and laid that on the floor then on that we put a red/white checkered tablecloth which we had laid with red paper plates/red cutlery/& picnic themed Dixie cups! I also found cheap napkins with teddy's on them. 

In the center of the tablecloth we had a big picnic basket with 3 big teddies looking around, on the wall we taped up giant clouds, trees, flowers, birds, and a nice big smiling sun, we also put plastic garden picket fence  along the wall to give it a real outdoors  feeling!  We had the teddy bear picnic tape playing throughout the party. 

We had a craft table set up with picnic themed pictures to color and where the kids could make teddy crowns (this allowed the older brothers & sisters to make crowns for all the little ones) I cut out various colors of bears and had bear stickers, felt pens etc. and let them stick them on poster board that I had cut into strips (I measured each child's head, stapled the strip and wrote there name on the inside) Then the kids went ahead and decorated, they loved it!! 

We set up a cardboard house for the little ones to play in and had teddies all around the house. We also played stick the honey pot on the bear - for this I painted a big bear on poster board and also made a honey pot out of construction paper we then put tape on it and let them try to stick in on the bears hand (we marked a name where  each child had landed that way you only need one honey pot).  

For the food we used a teddy bear cookie cutter to cut out teddy shaped pieces of bread and then spread them with peanut butter and we also used cheez whiz! We had baskets of cheezies and then teddy mix which is(honeycombs/teddygrams/colore d mini-marshmallows). I also found a big bucket of multi flavored teddy-grahams. All of these we served with mini plastic shovels. I served a punch for the drink! 

The cake was cut up to make a teddy bear shape. I then decorated it brown and used a upward motion to make it look furry, I piped on a pink dress with licorice & smartie suspenders and white bubble gumballs to make a pearl necklace. We topped her off with a gold and jeweled crown which we found at the dollar store.  I had my sister put on a teddy mask and read all the kids the Teddy Bear Picnic story, I then put out the food and then in my Teddy mask I went and had all the kids follow me to the picnic! 

For the goody bags I used the green plastic baskets that you get strawberries in; I put a white pipe cleaner over it to make a handle and then I put a square of red/white checker cloth in each one, this made our basket - I then filled each one with a pack of Winnie the pooh fruit snacks, a snak-pak of Teddy-grahams, a teddy bear shaped rice kripie square, a mini ziplock bag of Gumi bears, and a small strip of bear stickers.  The kids were so excited to get these and they left as happy as they had arrived!  Hope this will help someone with their party!

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