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Tea Party

Amazing Tea & Fashion - Jello Smoothies




Kimberly in White Lake, MI (U.S.A.)


January 2005


Special Mention

Amazing Tea Party & Fashion Show!  I planned this party for my daughter's preschool graduation. 

I created quarter-fold invitations using WordPerfect.  I found clipart of two mice, donned in fancy attire, having tea and pasted it upside down in the upper left quadrant (so that when folded in half and then half again, it was facing upright).  Inside I created a poem:  "Congratulations to us, We did it... Yippee!  We graduated from preschool, let's celebrate over tea!"  I also stated that "proper tea party attire was welcome" but had lots of dress up clothes on hand in case any little girl forgot to come all dolled up. 

I had a bubble machine going outside so as the girls came up the walk, they felt it was going to be a magical time.  I invited the mommies to stay for quiche which was served in the kitchen, while the little ladies sat in the formal dining room (Boy, were they suprised to find out THEY were the ones sitting at the fancy table and using the fine china!).  I found most of my supplies at the Dollar Store and Big Lots. 

First off, I used a bubble gum pink table cloth (Big Lots) and white doily place mats.  I set out my gold rimmed white china and gold-toned silverware… all in their proper place - Emily Post would have been so proud!  I purchased pink paper napkins to match the table cloth, folded them with a peak and placed them inside the china cup & saucer. 

Each child sat at her seat, designated by a small white paper gift bag (available at Walmart and online at OrientalTrading.com).  Inside the gift bag was a bouquet of pink roses and white tissue paper.  I printed name cards in a pretty pink font and border, punched a hole in the upper left corner and tied it to the flower bag with pretty pink sheer and satin ribbon.  I also placed a big pink bow on the back of each chair with a streamer stating "Tea Party Princess."  The girls kept these and the bouquet bags as party favors. 

As the little ladies sat down to dine, I explained to them that they were the princesses and the mommies would serve them.  Each girl had a gold bell with a sheer and satin white ribbon tied to it (they also kept these as a party favor).  I placed them in the china bowls (which were placed atop the main china plate).  Boy, did they have fun summoning us!  It was sooo cute hearing the little chimes (instead of "Mommy! I want more!")  Tea was substituted with pink lemonade and I had little candy dishes (actually flower shaped votive candle holders from the dollar store) at each place setting filled with pastel candies. 

The menu started off with "soup" as all fancy dinners do… but we substituted a really yummy jello smoothie and cool whip concoction with sliced strawberries to look like hearts.  (This was sooo easy… I purchased the little pre-made jello strawberry & banana flavored smoothies in the refrigerated jello section and topped with cool whip.)  The "salad" was potato chips and the main course was tiny sandwiches cut into shapes (we kept it simple for this 4 year old crowd… PB&J, baloney and butter -yes, just butter- sandwiches). 

For dessert, we offered mini scones (from the grocery store) and pink sugar wafer cookies.  While all this was going on, the mommies were enjoying quiche, fresh fruit and a cheese tray in the kitchen.  It was so much fun that I had a ton of help from the mommies, because everyone wanted to serve the tea (pink lemonade) to the little girls from the fancy china tea pot… remember, those little bells were a ringing!! 

As the girls ate, I had the mommies fill out a form for the upcoming Tea Party Fashion Show.  I asked each mom to describe their daughters outfit as if she were walking down a runway.  I also asked simple questions about their girls, such as hair and eye color, favorite Disney princess and what they liked best about coming to the tea party.  After the meal, we went to the formal living room and put on some classical music (wedding style).  I was the emcee and read aloud from each girl's form. As I did this, every girl was video taped coming into the room, did a twirl, posed for a still picture and took a bow.  The mommies were the audience, seated on the sofa.  What fun! 

As each girl left the party, we gave her little flower & heart bath soap gift set that came from the dollar store (it was in a purse styled package - perfect for a tea party princess). I had all the mommies telling me what a wonderful time this party was and how it resembled a fancy wedding reception.  My daughter is now midway thru her first year of kindergarten and the girls (and mommies) STILL talk about it.  So, we're planning a Valentine's Day Tea Party!  I hope you find some of these ideas useful and remember, the dollar store is your BEST friend!  Best of Luck to you in your endeavor to make your little princess's dream tea party come true!

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