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Mother Daughter Princess - Feather Boas




Tammy in Jacksonville, Ar  72076 USA


May 2005


Special Mention

This year,I had a mother/daughter princess tea party for my daughters 10th birthday. I rented out a fufu restuarant,(as my husband would call it),for 2 hours on a saturday. I called all the ladies a few months before and notified them of the plans, so they could look for a formal. I invited our housekeeper, my best friend which the girls are best friends also, I invited my daughters teachers, piano teacher, and BF Grandma Cindy,my sister-in-law from Dallas,and my mother-in-law.  I sent out elegant invitations, and when they RSVP --- I took the 'Princesses' a real tiara to their house.

The girls arrived with their dresses and tiara, and their moms wore nice dresses. I hired a professional photographer to come and take mother/daughter pictures. My father, husband, son and nephew wore Tuxes, seated and served the princesses and ladies, I wanted everyone to be pampered and show the girls how they needed to be treated. The girls sat at a long banquet table with a buffet and mirror behind them and faced the moms. The mothers sat at smaller tables and faced the girls.

The party theme was story based on being a fine china plate(staying pure)to God, parents, friends, and their future. The story was read by my mother. The girls table was decorated with silver teapots which pink roses with babys breath, silver ting ting(sticks that  curl at the top) and pearls arranged. White, irredescent, and silver pearl garland, ting ting, and rose petals sprinkled gently.

On the buffet behind them, I purchased(for decoration purposes)matching vellum gift bags w/ roses on them for each of the girls to have a to go home bags and put a feather boa and white gloves hanging out. I made for each end,topiaries with the feathers,roses,wired pearls, and ribbon. That was my main area that I wanted to focus on decorations for pictures of the birthday princesses. I brought props for the photos and I got family photos as well. I put a white chair bow on each girls chair.

I did formal placecards with a silver stand, and wrote a note to the everone, thanking them for coming and letting my family(husband and son) know how much I love and appreciate them.(that was a surprise for my boys, bless their hearts that tried). In the story there is a little girl that asked a friend about why her parents did not want her to go to a bad movie, and she told her because they cared so much about her like a fine china plate and she told her it was in the bible.

She then gave the girl a fine china plate with the scripture, date and name on the back fo the plate. I had purchased a set of matching teacups w/ saucers and flipped the cup upside down and placed the saucer on top like a pedestal and place a chocolate covered strawberry on it at each of the girls placesettings. I used pink rose ponytail holder with silver glitter on the tips for the girls and the ladies had the same but were brooches as their napkin ring.

The girls wore them as hand corsages and the ladies pinned them on. I put under the teacups a silver charm bracelet w/ a teacup charm in a pink organza pouch, as a surprise for when they flipped it over. I also gave the mothers a charm bracelet. I gave the mothers a scroll with the story in it(on pink and sage paper and rolled it up with silver vellum paper and tied it with a pink organza bow.

They took pictures, listened to the story, ate (moms had chicken salad and girls had peanut butter sandwiches), along with a scone, and fresh fruit. Then we had cake, cheesecake(my daughters favorite) with a chocolate covered strawberries on top and sang happy birthday. The boys then brought her gifts and she politely opened each one and read the card and said thank you to everyone. I had rented a limo (for a hour) for the girls to leave in. That was a surprise for all of the girls, I asked the mothers beforehand to make sure it was okay. My best friend and I rode with them around town to show the princesses off. They rolled a red carpet for them when they got in and out.

The mothers came back and got their princesses and I went home and crashed. In summary, the girls got a teacup and saucer, charm bracelet, feather boa, white gloves, tiara,and nicely prepared afternoon snacks, plus a limo ride and memories that they can apply for later, plus when I get the pictures back I am sending them in with my thank you note.

The mothers gifts was the scroll, bracelet, had a  photo of their m/d pictures. I accomplish what I set out to do, and memories of that day serve two purposes, to have high self esteem in herself and how a man should treat them I hope that the girls will take this as a teaching tool and being a princess is not that hard. Haha My husband said that we would hire a wedding coordinator for the kids weddings.  It was a beautiful day and it will be a great memory. (caution: I started planning this about 8 months before the party. And I needed every minute of it.

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