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Sweet 16 Party

Dance Party - Orange and Pink




Kellie in Santa Rosa, Ca. 95404


September 2008


Special Mention

So my daughter is going to be 16 next month and she is having a Super Sweet 16 party.  So I have been planning this party for about 6 months now and now the time is running out and it seems I am doing more stuff everyday.  So first I called every public rental hall I could find to book it for the party.  I found out that the Veterans building is the cheapest at 38.00 an hour.  So I booked it from 6pm-12am.  Now that is including the set up time and take down.  So as you can see I have enlisted alot of parents to help with that. Now you have to usually book ahead almost a year in advanced, don't hesitate!  So my daughter is not having a theme...she just wants the colors orange and pink with the black and white zebra print through out.  So first of all we are inviting around 80 kids...the invites I am having my father make...how he is making them is on photo shop. 

The invite is 8 by 4 and on one side of the card there is a pic of her with a sweet 16 tiara and the other side of the card there is a baby pic of her at one year.  Then the card says when, where, what is going on.  I made sure the card said No large back packs, bags or Alcohol.  At target you can print it out for .33 cents each and it encludes an envelope.  That is a great deal. 

So there is going to be a sit down dinner...that starts promptly at 7pm, I am serving penne pasta with a sauce, salad and bread.  Simple...I bought 24 1 lb bags of the pasta and they were .88 cents each.  I haven't bought the sauce yet though.  My friends are bringing the bread and salad (we are just tossing the salad with italian dressing)for me.  The hall is suppling the plates.  They are just plain white, which is really nice.  I bought pink napkins, 20 napkins for $1.00 at Wal-mart.  Well I bought 10 packs.  I also purchased 15 plate packages that are orange and pink, there are 20 in each of them, which were a dollar also at WM.  Those are going to be for the cake and snacks. The silverware is going to be pink and plastic and I am taking some small pink ribbon and tieing the siverware up together. I am cricuting a orange A and glueing that on the silverwares ribbon. On the plate will be the napkin and the silverware on the napkin.  My daugher wanted at dinner to tell certain people...her family and best friends how important they are too her so she is going to have a toast with Apple sparkling cider and let them know what she feels. 

Now for the cake...I am making that one myself...For the last 3 months I have been taking classes from Wilton and I am actually pretty good at it so far.  Her cake is going to be 3 tiers and it is going to be fondant.  The top on is going to be orange, the second one is going to be black and white zebra striped and the bottom is going to be pink.  The cake is rather large at 6,10 and 14 inches by 3 inches. So I am going to double the pans also.  Then I am taking some white wire and I am going to make a 16 with some fondant and some stars also and have them sticking them off the top of the cake.  Around the edges of the cake I will have some small rolled balls to hide the fondant edges. Because the cake is so big, I had to get a table top round at a hardware store to hold the cake.  I bought some zebra striped fabric and I am going to cover the round. So the cake should feed enough people.

For snacks I am having a chocolate fountain. I bought that one at Bed Bath & Beyond $99.00, u can order that on-line. It is alittle bigger then those cheaps ones.  I went to Ikea and for .99 I bought 10 little metal buckets and some pink sand (from Wal-mart $3.50)I have 2 packets of skewers and I am going to put some strawberries, marshmellows, angel fruit cake and some fruit on the end and stick those in the sand in the buckets.  I will have snack foods also, I am making chocolate candy, specialty marshmellows, chocolate covered pretzles and chips and so on.  I went to tons of garage sells months prior and I bought a punch fountain also for 5.00.  I also found a HUGE box of tons of un-used champange glasses, wine glasses and regular glasses for $5.00.  So I am going to use them through out the whole party.  I have at least 200 glasses.  I bought at rite-aid a tiki-bar, I waited for it to go on sale...it was only 20.00 from 99.00.  I am taking off the front panel and replacing it with some zebra striped fabric, the same fabric as the cake round.  At Mervyns they had on sale this Jelly belly margarita mix, it was strawberry flavored.  So at the tiki bar we will have that, of course no liquor at all! 

So I will have a blender there from home.  We will have all drinks poured from the bar.  I also bought for $2.00 a ice shredder for snow cones.  I called a party jump place and they sell the snow cone juice there.  I am having some orange lights all over the bar.  So for the take home treats, I did go out all the way on this...I have been buying tons of apothecary jars, small jars, round, long, what ever jars I could find (all clear)...I am having a really big candy bar.  Since her party is pink and orange, and Oct. is a great time for orange.  I found bags of orange m&m's and Pink ones they are the breast cancer m&m's.  I went into Michaels (which is a craft store) I saw some of there candy was on sale, I asked the manager what deal she would give me if I bought all the candy.  She gave me a deal of a lifetime (just because I asked! U won't know if you don't ask!) She gave me each candy, no matter how big or small for .05 cents each.  I bought about 20 bags full.  Around the jars I am taking some zebra striped ribbon and attaching a small card to it to show what type of candy it is.  I also found some wood that some one was getting rid of and I made different levels for the bar and painted them pink.  At Safeway I found 6 little metal scoops for the candy at 2.49.  I tied pink ribbon on them. 

So the kids will take the candy back with them in these really cute chinese take out boxes I found on-line, they are plain white but I am going to spruce them up by hot glueing some zebra stripped ribbon on them and then I have a letter A that I will glue over the ribbon and a small crown to go ontop of the A.  My daughters name starts with an A.  I have a cricut machine and made all the A's and crowns with that, they are going to be pink in color.  I searched the net for the cheapest cartons and at www.uline.com it was the cheapest.  I got 100 premade cartons for 18.00 and shipping was only 7.00.  I also bought tons of .50 frames from Micheals and I painted them her colors.  I am going to have alot of pics of her through out all the tables.  I bought these letters they are about 6 inches tall and I painted them white with pink and orange polka dots and glued some crystals on them.  So it spells out her name.  That will be on the candy bar table.  So the kids will have a really cute candy carton to take home with them. 

But I am having some pencils made with Allise's sweet 16 on them."  I purchased those from Oriental Trading Company.  They were like 5.99 for 24.  I bought 4 dozen. So I just happened to be at a muffler place and they had a really cool old fashioned popcorn popper...the stand up kind.  I ask the owner where they got it and she told me and I said I was looking to rent one and she told me I could use it for free...(again if you don't ask you will never know)  So I know have a free use of a popcorn maker you can rent one for $50.00 from a party jump place.  I am covering the tables with pink and orange plastic table clothes I bought 100 ft rolls for 12.99 from Party America.  Plus I have some ribbon that is orange and pink and I am going to tie that to the corners of the tables and curl the ribbon.  Plus by curling the ribbon it will make it some the table clothes won't move.

The center pieces for all the tables are going to be Pink and white small paper latterns in bunches with orange carnations in clumps around the cartons. I have some small disco balls that I had from a previous party that I am going to throw in the center pieces with some battery operated tea lights in the latterns...Not sure how that is going to look like yet...but we will see.  So I have a DJ and that is only going to cost me 200.00 (tip) because he is a friend of the family who is the #1 radio dj in my county.  Also I am also going to have a slide show of my daughter through out her life so far.  I am borrowing a slide show projector that will hook up to my computer.  If you ask your hall they might have one you can rent also.  I am also getting the use of screen for free.  You just have to ask.  I am having only one game and that is going to be right after dinner who's know Allise the best.  We are going to have 16 questions and who ever anwsers them the best will will a I know Allise the best medal I bought that at the oriental trading company...it was like 3.00.  I will have a table for her presents.  That will be covered in the zebra striped fabric. 

I am going to blow up about 150 balloons the colors will be Orange pink white and black.  I am also going to the dollar store and getting about some mylar balloons.  I bought a huge 1 and 6 mylar balloon.  That will be up where the DJ is going to be.  I am also going to have about 50 or so helium ballons too.  But I am buying a helium tank I will use a 50% off coupon for that from Michaels also.  It will be about 15.00.  So I am sure there is more but I just don't have anymore time right now.  My daugher is buying a really beautiful dress from Jessica McClintock.com it is a short coctail dress and it is so pretty.  People have asked me why I am doing this and I just simply reply because I love her and she will only be 16 once plus my mother died right after my 16 birthday...that was my last big party I had with her.  Just in case I would want my daughter to remember this forever.   "

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