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Sweet 16 Party

Hotel Spa Party - Facials & Pedicures




Danielle in TImberlake NC, USA


July 2008



For my daughters sweet 16th party, we, her family, surprised her with a suite at the  Embassey Suite hotel. We reserved a suite that would cater to atleast five of her closets friends, along with some of her family. The room was perfect. Danielle thought the party would be at another location, so she had no idea.

The first thing we did was created the self-made invitations. We created these off of the printmaster software. We then designed her custom made INVITATIONS to fit the occassion. They were decorated on the outside with her favorite colors, bordered by Rhinstones.

Once arriving to the hotel we all surprised her . The room was DECORATED to look like a real spa. There, they  had facials,and massage chairs set up. While getting the facials, the  carribean music was playing. Danielle's dad is a chef, made virgin drinks for them while they waited. We decorated the room with purple (favorite color) and balloons. The hotel gave us extra lounge chairs to sit in. Also, she had a fruit tray with chocolate and carmel sauce in a fondu bowl.

For ACTIVITIES, the girls danced to the Carribean and Beyonce music.  For the party favors, all the girls (5) recieved gift bags that included personal items such as lotions, nail polish, lip gloss, towels, wraps, flip flops, and cameras. Each girls also recieved a diary to record these events that would later be put into a DVD  movie.

All the cameras and videos will be turned into move DVD's. Each guest will recieve a copy of the entire party.   After all the events, the girls went to swim and to the sauna. To top the evening off, they had an pedicure appointment  at one of the most prestigious salons. This was done by appt only.

The ATTIRE for the evening out would be all girls dressed up with sundresses,sun shades and with their hair pulled back.    The girls were left for the evening with adult supervision to finish off the sweet 16" night. They ordered food giggled and danced all night. 

The next day we ended the celebration with an Italian dinner  that consisted of chicken and shrimp fetticiune tossed salad garlic bread and tea. At this occasion all the adults were invited to attended. This was a formal event.Her cake was an chocolate/vanilla ice-cream cake. We all toasted to the great celebration.  "

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