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Sweet 16 Party

Club Party - Lavendar and Silver




Kristin in Cumming, GA United States


May 2008


Honorable Mention

My daughter's sweet 16 is coming up in January 2009 and I wanted to make it a huge celebration but unlike people on those shows, money is an object and I am on a budget.  We will be having this party on a Friday as you can get the best deals since it is not the prime wedding reception date of Saturday.  Most parks and recreation facilities have a community room or other activity building which can be rented for a huge fraction of the cost of other locations and hold a decent number of guests.  Ours cost $100 for the night (everyone has to leave by 11:00 PM due to park closing) and is large enough to fit approximately 80 guests.

I booked a DJ and was able to negotiate the rate down by $500 because it is in January, on a Friday, and I am booking (paid the deposit) months in advance.  The sooner you plan, the more room you have to negotiate.  I decided the theme for the party would be A Night at Club (daughter's name)".  The colors are going to be purple(lavender) and silver.  I was able to cut down on costs by joining partycity and they sent me a $5.00 coupon and I shopped when they were having a big sale on decorations.  I also purchased a large number of items at the dollar store for example: Muffin Cups for cupcakes Plates Napkins Forks Balloons Streamers and Table Covers. 

The invitiations are going to be business cards (in silver or purple) that are handed out to the guests that say "You're Invited" and then will have a website address attached to it for them to view and RSVP.  I created the website on freewebs.com that turned out quite amazing - it has music that my daughter chose playing on every page all the details of the party (Location Time Attire) games on it that people can play (i.e. frogger tetris jewel quest etc.) a picture show of my daughter from birth to now and pages for RSVP song requests for the DJ gift ideas for the birthday girl a letter I wrote to her and a guest book. 

After the party I will post pictures from the party and some video for the guests to go back and view. The room is approximately 48x36 - we will have the dj set up on one end there will be streamers making a star shape across the ceiling to outline the dance area. I will be inflating w/out helium 144 balloons that will be spread across the dance floor area as well.

On the other end (opposite side of DJ) there will be 4 tables one set against the wall for the cake (a small personal cake for my daughter - $7.99 at publix) sitting a top a clear plastic cake stand that is sitting on a box to make it higher and has a light underneath lighting it up with a purple one time use light stick (favorfrenzy.com) and then there will be 2 separate 3-tier cupcake stands (disposable) from sweet server that will hold the 72 plus cupcakes that will be made topped with brown purple and white icing. If for some reason I opt not to purchase the disposable cupcake stands my other option will be a plastic plate and matching bowl from the dollar store because they make a great cake stand when glued together.  The table will also hold any gifts brought to the party. 

The three remaining tables will be set up facing the dance floor the center with a silver table cover and the ends with purple table covers.  Each of the windows on the building will be covered with metalic fringe curtains found on Oriental Trading website. 

The community building has a kitchen area where one of my friends will be serving beverages to everyone (bartender) we will have various sodas and some punch.  She will also have pretzels and chex mix for guests to munch on.  I made it clear on the website "We will have light snacks drinks and cake for everyone…it's ALL ABOUT THE PARTY… so eat before you come!" Another friend will be in charge of the video camera recording the activities while another is in charge of still pictures taken of my daughter and her friends.

The DJ knows to play fast music accept for any requests from the birthday girl and her friends for something slower. The only slow songs being played that are planned are the dance with her father and the dance with her grandfather. She is so excited and can't wait because it is going to be the party of the year without breaking the bank.  In total we will spend no more than $500 for this amazing party."

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