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Sweet 16 Party

Surprise Party 16yr - Memory Video




Donna in Port St. Lucie, FL  USA


October 2005



For my daughter's sweet 16 - we did a surprise party.  Planning ahead I had bought canvas material, ribbon, felt, sequence, flower petals to create a banner (and keepsake) in which her friends worked on (her best friend kept it at her house and invited others over to participate in it). 

We put together a slide show beginning with her "firsts" - first steps, boo-boos, dance recitals, trophies, etc. then continued the slide show with family, then friends in which her best friend was the recorded voice and then a special message from sis - some parts we talked through and others we played her favorite version of "Happy Birthday".

Then we had a mystery voice - voice of someone dear to her recording a telephone birthday wish and then showed a picture in the slide show of this loved one - she loved this! I planned a scavenger hunt "limo style" - hired two limos, created teams and put her two brothers as team leaders - one in each limo then gave identical lists with objects to collect, doing assignments like take a picture wearing a tail, take a picture squeezing as many people as you can collect into picture, etc. and riddles to solve while riding from point to point. 

I provided polaroids for "proof" pictures and disposables for fun pictures in each limo. 

Cold drinks were provided in the limo.  We surprised her by having all those invited meet at her best friend's house (our sons whom normally she doesn't have much to do with played a big part by being team leaders and also hiding away at friend's house). 

The limos picked them up at friend's house and then limo driver came to our door to get our daughter - then her friends popped out of limos to yell "surprise" and "happy birthday", got hunt instructions and point system. 

Now because she knew nothing of the party I had not decorated or pulled out food or anything so while they were on their hunt I hurried and put together the house so that when they returned food was out, candles were lit, balloons were all over - some filled with helium ohters just on floor, hung the banner, set up the slide show. 

They came back, we tallied points, listened to how they were thrown off on riddles and laughed. It was great and my daughter cried during slide show. The party just seemed to get better and better.  Beautimus!  We did have a tiara in the limo awaiting her and roses - her boyfriend fit the tiara on her - SWEET! It was!

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