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Survivor Party

Survivor Party -9yr- Group & Individual Games




Janine in Brantford, Ontario, Canada


July 2004


Special Mention

Survivor party--This is the party plan from my son's 9th birthday, he says it was his best party ever!  Goodie bags: buffs, mini food things, mini choc bars with I survived Mackenzie's 9th birthday wrappers from website that you can print your own wrappers from Food: hot dogs, chips cake. 

Cake: use choc. Snack cake recipe, with chocolate icing.  Make 3 flags from buff fabric and skewers,  decorate with gummy worms and crumbled cake for dirt

Party Plan: When everyone arrives, Go strait to Tribal council area. Get each kid to explain how the item they brought was a useful survivor item have all kids go through this. Then each kid goes to vote on the item that they would feel was the best survivor item, (can’t vote for own item) and each survivor gets 5 points for each vote their item gets. Then divide into teams, with buff colours, name the teams  and make team flags while I make lunch.

GROUP CHALLENGE 1:  Puzzle hunt I used pieces of 2x4 about 10 inches long, drew an image on one side, and painted coordinating colours to team buffs.  I hid them around the yard.  The teams had to get all pieces of puzzle bring them back to circles (drawn in the lawn with powder) and get their designs together first. Make sure they know which colour their team is looking for!

GROUP CHALLENGE 2:  Obstacle Course -- 2 teams lined up, crawl under  rope, break balloon with coloured piece of paper inside, get corresponding colour of ring off fence by composter, return to start on deck and next player can go  

GROUP CHALLENGE 3: Blindfold race: 2  team members were blindfolded and 2 team members directed them. They need to stay together, and go from the front of the yard to the back, pick up a water balloon, and bring it back.  If the balloons break, they have to return for another one, and other member has to stop where they are and wait for their partner to catch up.

Group challenge 4: "water Brigade".  On one end was a bucket full of water and on the other end was an empty bucket.  The goal is to transfer the water from one bucket to another using a paper (a thin paper) cup. Do like relay race, passing cup to next player and on down the line til bucket on other end reaches the line. (this took longer than we thought, they ended up using their buffs to soak up water, and their mouths, was hysterical!)

GROUP challenge 5: Gross foods!  Have covered plates numbered one to 5.  Numbers pulled out of hat needed to pick which plate.  One member from each team sits on stool at bar, I picked number, and corresponding plate is pulled.  Each team member tookfood from plate, and ate at the same time.  First one done wins point for team. If both people finish both teams get a point. If one person refuses to eat it and the other person eats it only one team gets a point and so forth.

FOODS:Use muffin liners for portions 1. gummy worms dipped in chocolate 2. raw kale from garden 3. sardine 4. prunes 5. black olives

GROUP challenge 6: money find in pool:   MAKE SURE EVERYONE CAN SWIM FIRST!!!  Maybe can nominate one person or two from each team to swim  one person stays out to count, rest of team goes in pool.  When all players are in pool, throw coins in, and have them dive for them.  First team to $2 wins (our pool is only 3 ft deep) MERGE!!!   GET NEW BUFFS!!  ON to individual challenges

1. STUMP STAND: put the kids on square patio stones.  They could only stand on one leg and not touch anything else while they were there and the last one standing wins. 

2.Survivor Quiz: ask them a few questions about my son, then about survivor allstars, everyone writes answers on pads, and turns at same time, right answers get points  1. favorite color,    2. how many teeth he had lost 3. favourite food   4. Eye colour    5. how old is he   6. what grade will he start in September?    7. who one survivor allstars?    8. who won the extra million dollars?    9. who one the truck?   

3.PLATE MAZE: nail 160 or so paper plates in a grid in the backyard. Each chose a plate to start on. Each took turns stepping to another plate in the grid. They could only move sideways or forwards or back, no diagonal moving. As they moved, they had to put an X on the plate they were standing on. You could only move to an adjacent plate without an X on it.  If you couldn't move, you were out of the game

4. PLATE BREAK wrote the kids names on a small styrofoam plate. Hang them with staple on edge of playfort. Have kids throw small balls at the hanging plates, one at a time. When your plate is knocked out, you are out.  Keep shooting until only one plate remains, that person gets the point

5 bubble blow RACE Eat thru a  bunch of whipped cream to get to the gum at the bottom . First to blow bubble wins point.

6:  BUG EATING: using larvets, give each child a muffin liner with equal amounts of cheese flavoured larvets, everyone who tries gets 10 extra points 

The boys all had a blast, and the time went very fast.  We had 8 players from age 6-15, with the two oldest being team leaders.  They also helped me to set up some of the challenges.  Took some time to organize the games, but was well worth it!

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